Thursday, March 31, 2011

Discoveries: Trash Cans and Toilets

I am starting a new standing piece called "discoveries" because Braden is into EVERYTHING and it is so fun to watch him process new things and how to interact with them. Hence he "discovered" my computer months ago and when I let him "interact" with is he proceeded to rip the keys off, some permanently. A funny discovery was the toilet and trash can. Brian had him in the bathroom and when he rounded the corner towards the toilet Brian found him in there sloshing his hands around in the bowl.... clean bowl.... thank goodness. Then he proceeds to find the toilet paper roll and he loves to make is spin spin spin so all the paper rolls off. I know I should stop him.... but it's so cute how fascinated his is by it all. Then there is the trash can. He is so curious what is in it we just moved them all to higher ground for now because really is there anything good a toddler can pull out of a bathroom trashcan? He is doing better health wise. After the flu and throat ulcers he got an ear infection. So things happen in threes right?? Which means he is done?? :) I know this is all good for him but sure but I love having happy healthy Mr. B back! Headed to see the grandparents in Houston this weekend to celebrate my dad's new marriage to Diana/Ama.

Thursday, March 24, 2011

Two for the Price of One

Mr. B started day care and he had the pleasure of catching not one, but two viruses.... He got the flu as well as a throat ulcer infection. Unrelated and both painful for different reasons. Thank God for Gammy helped as I was in Houston for most of it attending a wedding. Expected him to get sick of course but man it was still rough watching him suffer through the ordeal. He is def a mommas bot as he crawls around saying "momma, momma". Probably because he knows I am the sucker who will pick him up :) What can I say... :)

Thursday, March 17, 2011

First Week of School

Braden started day care this week. He did well but is having a tough time adjusting to the new environment, people, food choices and nap schedule. I have to admit I would too as that is a TON of change. He only went three days and of course when I picked him up day three he had a fever and runny nose.... that did not take long. He will be fine as he is going to Houston with me to stay with his Gammy (my mom) while I attend a wedding. Hopefully we will see Papa and Ama too :)

Sunday, March 6, 2011

Bad to the Bone

Two guesses at who dressed Braden up for Luke Panko's birthday party... it took about 10 shots to get this picture as he was not a fan of the glasses, however he dug the leather jacket and rocker shirt. He is just under 24lbs and getting closer and closer to walking as he pulls up, reaches out for us, leans and then decides to get down and crawl. This is his last week at home with Nana and then he enters the world of day care!