Sunday, April 8, 2012

Checking In!

Where to start! Been awhile and so much has happened. Braden is doing great! He is full of life love and keeps us all BUSY!! We have cleared so many hurdles and are so blessed. We did discover he and Daisy have something in common... Von Willebrand disease! Essentially it is a form of hemophilia and very mild in his case so it should not be much of a factor. Can you believe our DOG has the same thing. So crazy!

Cracking up with Ama and Poppa Godley. He loves to laugh with them!

Easter was amazing. We saw so many family and friends. Braden got a hug from the prettiest girl at the egg hunt :) Clearly he was stunned.

Got a recent visit from my sweet niece and nephew where he got to see some serious bubbles.

He is SERIOUSLY attached to momma right now. He says a new word every day. He loves to play in our cars. He is obsessed with the word "eeewwwweee" (I have a video proof people claim will win me money) ... will post soon.

Love you all.