Tuesday, June 21, 2011

I Take Mine in Twos or Threes

Well... the delayed blog is because it has been nuts for Mr. B. He got really sick... again. Docs could not figure it out but I finally understand that they were trying to diagnose him for one virus when in fact he had 2 and was teething. So after temps between 104 and 106 for a few days he finally got better and we are on the mend.

He is walking around like a maniac making is impossible for us to do anything while he is awake. But it is also so much fun. He loves to share things. He loves to play with our dog Daisy. He loves to open and shut doors. Most of all he LOVES his musical star!

I have wonderful friends and family who helped us get through the last few weeks and hopefully he will stay healthy back in daycare.