Monday, September 9, 2013

Braden Plus One

I am sure most of you know, but if not, we are adding a little girl to the family this December!

The significance of posting today is because I am officially one day past the timeframe when my water broke with Mr. B so needless to say we are happy to get past such an emotional milestone.

Braden is as excited as can be expected given he really has no idea (nor do we) about how much life is about to change.

We had a great summer relaxing on a few vacations to Canyon Lake and Florida and now are hunkering down for the final push to get baby girl to 36 weeks where at that point she is scheduled for a healthy entrance into this world!

Thanks for all the love and prayers and keep them coming that this is a smooth ride to the finish this time!

Friday, March 29, 2013

Taking it Out For a Spin

Riding his bike at sunset!

He is making lots of friends at daycare who seem to exchange tips on all kinds of new things to say, good and bad.... "Stinky" is usually a part of the bad ones.  It is so hard to keep a straight face.

He is loving gymnastics and will start swimming again soon.  Other than that we play at the park and make the rounds seeing family. 

Sunday, December 2, 2012

All good things happen at 3!

Braden turns three!  It has gone by so fast and we have been making memories every day. He had a party with friends and family all weekend.  He is thriving and getting into all kinds of trouble.

Current Loves: building blocks, eating salmon, playground slides, climbing on ... everything, watching Dora the Explorer, playing puzzles on the Kindle.

Current, He Could Live Withouts: eating bell peppers, taking his shoes off, potty training (ugh), anything he does not control. :)

He is all boy and we love it!

Wednesday, August 15, 2012

I am THE Boss

Braden is a loving yet defiant toddler bossing us all around more and more each day. No idea where he gets it :))   Went to Florida... Braden had a BLAST building sand castles, hanging in the ocean, and JUMPING into the pool!  He also just went to a family wedding which included back yard games where he and cousin Celia had their own plans for who was to play what and how :)  Pics below.

Monday, June 18, 2012

Father's Day!

Spent a great time in Houston with Poppa Godley and daddy at the park.  Braden is an engineer at heart enjoying the cause and effect of pushing buttons that makes the alligator and crocodile mouths open and close.

We drove back through Lockhart to grab BBQ with daddy and then gave him some super cool gifts.

Braden is amazing.  Talking more and more and gaining an attitude to match. :)

Sunday, April 8, 2012

Checking In!

Where to start! Been awhile and so much has happened. Braden is doing great! He is full of life love and keeps us all BUSY!! We have cleared so many hurdles and are so blessed. We did discover he and Daisy have something in common... Von Willebrand disease! Essentially it is a form of hemophilia and very mild in his case so it should not be much of a factor. Can you believe our DOG has the same thing. So crazy!

Cracking up with Ama and Poppa Godley. He loves to laugh with them!

Easter was amazing. We saw so many family and friends. Braden got a hug from the prettiest girl at the egg hunt :) Clearly he was stunned.

Got a recent visit from my sweet niece and nephew where he got to see some serious bubbles.

He is SERIOUSLY attached to momma right now. He says a new word every day. He loves to play in our cars. He is obsessed with the word "eeewwwweee" (I have a video proof people claim will win me money) ... will post soon.

Love you all.

Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Medicine, Moons, and My Turn

Medicine - Braden is so good at taking medicine, in fact he begs for it. Hilarious and we caught the moment on video.

Moons - Braden LOVES looking at the moon and the stars and often out of nowhere will say, "Moon stars at night". It is a bedtime ritual for him and daddy.

My Turn - Braden has learned all about his turn and has just started saying, "My turn! My turn!" when he wants to try something on his own. We usually go for a walk and he rides in the wagon but he is so interested in his turn he actually pushed the wagon the entire walk tonight!

Aside from strep (right after I said he was so healthy) he has been doing really well. We took a trip to the beach. What better timing than the ONE cold weekend we have had in awhile but we made the most of it and he even flew a kite with daddy!

Thursday, January 26, 2012

Who is Ju-Ju?

So my son says "momma" all the time but recently he started saying "ju ju" and we were soooo confused as to who he was talking about. Until he continued to look at me, or pictures of me, and exclaim, "Ju Ju!". We finally realized my mom calls my Jules or Ju-Ju and he has picked up the name.

He is in such an adorable phase. He is talking more and more and just such a love bug. School says he is a monkey because he climbs all the time on everything! He loves berries, broccoli, cheese, salmon, and rice. He is learning to count, knows tons of animals, says his ABCs, and is fascinated by music, lights, and blocks.

Best news is he has been so healthy. No issues of any kind since May (knocking on wood) and we are thrilled as he deserves the break! Love to you all!

Sunday, January 1, 2012

Ringing in the New Year

Our classic photo of Mr. B. We have an amazing son who is in love with blocks, water, being outside and the garage (seriously, he could watch it go up and down for hours).

Happy New Year to everyone!



Thursday, December 29, 2011

Santa, is that you?

My serious son... as always. Great Christmas.... see highlights below.
Wind chime time with G-Bob!

Look closely but this "Santa" is related. This was after an initial meltdown.... eventually he warmed up.

Super excited about the TREE in our house!

Opening presents with Nana.... WHO-HOO a sand/water box!

Playing matchbox cars with Poppa! He is so much fun!

Not pictured are many more amazing family members. Special love to Nana, Paw paw, Gammy, and G-Bob for taking care of Braden while we work. We even saw Aunt Abbey and Uncle Scott briefly. Thanks to Aunt Sue and Uncle Brent for being amazing during the holidays and well beyond! Also, Braden has LOVED spending time with Uncle Geoff for a week straight! A special bday wish to my sweet Ama and I LOVED hanging out with my Poppa Godley (even though he is a backseat rocker).


Sunday, December 4, 2011

Happy Birthday to Me!

Pics from my party... let's kick it off with the CAKE!

Hanging with my Aunt Jen.... love her! She even built my new train toy all by herself!

Hanging with my Gammy who came up for the entire weekend with G-Bob!

Hanging with Melissa and her really really really pretty daughter Lanie. She is helping me color!

Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Giving Thanks.

Hanging at Nana and Papaw's house building LEGO structures. I am so an engineer in the making. :)

Daddy getting ready for the game and dressing me to support.

Hanging in my tunnel. This is awesome!! Thanks Ama!

Cracking up with Poppa Godley! He is sooooooooo funny :)

Braden also got to see Gammy, G-Bob, Uncle Scott, Geoff, and Brent and Aunt Abbey and Suzanne. We are so blessed. Braden is FULL on tornado mode tearing up our house but he is so much fun and full of life!

Sunday, November 13, 2011

These Are a Few of My Favorite Things

People always ask me... what is Braden doing these days? Funny thing is I find most the things he does are simple and entertaining to me but really.... other people want to know? Well here goes...

1. Braden likes to feed Daisy her food after I scoop into the bowl. But then after he feeds her he likes to go back and get one piece at a time and take it to her bowl.

2. He likes to pull daddy's beer bottles out of the fridge and throw them on the ground (fortunately they do not break).

3. Everything is, "I want this!?!?!!!!!" This = everything and anything.

4. Lately he likes to head butt us.... this is not fun for mommy and daddy. He has a larger than average head that he likes to throw it into our head and laugh. Hard part is I cannot help but laugh too! Even if it hurts.

5. He loves slides.

6. He loves older girls, especially ones with hair he can yank out.

7. He loves to eat rocks, leaves and dirt and then spit it out.

8. He loves to ask me to open and close the sun roof of the car and garage door.

9. He likes to go out the dog door... NOT a good thing either but hey, he is a boy!

10. He likes to sing... ALL the time. Favorite song is Twinkle Twinkle Little Star in English and Chinese.

Sunday, October 30, 2011

Happy Halloween!

2 years ago last Friday my water broke and we were sent into an unknown situation with our little man. Rather than reflect on a tough time I want thank you all again for your support and show you how amazing our little monkey is doing today!

Hanging with my daddy! Can I take this outfit off yet??

Figuring out the pumpkin. I see engineer in him all the time!

Making a major mess with mommy.

Happy Halloween!

Thursday, October 13, 2011

Official Candy Inspector

Suiting up for Halloween!

Braden is thriving and enjoying his friends and teachers at daycare. We returned from Houston where we saw Scott and Abbey tie the knot. Unfortunately Braden's debut as a ring bearer was a major flop and Brian watched the wedding from the cry room with him. It was a beautiful wedding and we loved seeing all our cousins, aunts, uncles, etc, most of whom met Braden for the first time.

We got to swim with fellow fish, cousin Kiera who was slightly attached to Uncle Brian!

Sunday, October 9, 2011

I Need Your Vote!

Mommy cannot decide what I should be for Halloween so cast your vote for:

1. Monkey (because I can go everywhere even with obstacles)
2. Koala Bear (because I cling to mommy but she says I need to grip better)
3. Fish (because I LOVE the water!)

What do you think?!

Saturday, September 3, 2011

Game Day!

Ok, I told mommy I write better blogs so I am taking over again and in honor of college football kicking off, below are some of my favorite pictures!

From the beginning in the NICU mom and dad were trying to confuse me (Thanks again for the hat nurse Lily).

Dad trying to convert me... I look pretty nervous about this idea.

One of my momma's favorite pictures.... me day dreaming of my future days watching UT games... or just in shock she would put me in Gilbert's jersey... still love the Horns regardless.

Hanging with the fellas Luke Panko and A.J. Franty. Many more of these times to come likely with booze and babes... WAY in the future.

Overwhelmed at that GIANT Longhorn bib. My Sooner Aunt Kelly gave this to me perhaps as reverse psychology of some kind.

Me and my die hard TCU Horn Frog Uncle Geoff. I have to admit this may be the front runner as my favorite team.

Me and momma on game day... even though I run around so she misses most of the game. Which was ok since her team was really bad last year.

Aunt Martha if you are reading this I wore the Ohio State shirt today... but I move too quick for good pics these days :) Love to you all! Going to cheer on all my respective teams as I am still undecided... no matter what mom and dad dress me in!

Sunday, August 21, 2011

First Plane Ride and Trip to the Beach - From Braden's View

Sorry my mommy has been sooooo out of touch on the blog. I thought I would tell you all about my trip to Florida!

Started with my first plane ride. I did not have my own seat but mommy let me ride on her lap the entire way there as I mostly slept and sweat all over mommy.... that plane was hot! We met Gammy at the airport and drove down to Venice.

I saw the ocean for the first time and took off towards it. I vaguely remember my mommy running frantically behind me with a camera while yelling something to daddy about not letting me drown. Video evidence of this will be posted later... my mommy is technically challenged with uploaded videos. :)

Daddy bought me "cool dude" sunglasses where I perfected my, "hello ladies" move.

I went to the splash park every day with Gammy and Poppa Godley and Ama. The park was a good place for me because my risk of diving into the deep water (which I love to do at the pool) is eliminated and I think mommy has better blood pressure. I really do not know why she gets so stressed, I tried telling her I am part fish.

We also went and got me my first ice cream cone.

I also went looking for sharks teeth with daddy and Poppa Godley. We found a bunch! Apparently this part of the world is known for sharks teeth!

I had a really good time and was a perfect angel on the plane ride back too. Even though I did get slightly fussy when we had to turn around on the drive home because daddy forgot the pack and play on the curb at the airport.... at least that is what mommy told me.... :)

Thanks for letting me take over the blog. I will be sure to let mommy know to get with the program on more frequent updates!