Sunday, February 13, 2011

My Daddy's Chair and Crazy Hair

Nana brought over a small rocking chair that Brian used when he was a young child. We put Braden in it to watch Baby Einstein and he sits very intently. However, I did take my eye off him and he plunged forward and did a face plant onto the carpet. It is moments like this when I realize this will be one of many bonks and cruises, especially with a boy!! I also felt like a horrible mom and Brian came running upstairs while I was consoling B and he knew better than to "judge" even though I could tell he had a look on his face to say, "if that had happened under my watch I would be getting yelled at." and he is right :)

Brian is also determined to convince me that Braden needs a haircut and he proceeded to take him into the bathroom, put gel is his hair and spike it sideways just to make his point. I do not know why I am resisting, but cutting his hair is such a big moment and I refuse to let it happen until absolutely necessary.

Braden is still home with Nana for one more month and then he is off to daycare. While it is bittersweet I am actually excited he will get to interact with other kids and learn new things.... including picking up all kinds of germs but that is to be expected!