Monday, October 18, 2010

Look Ma No Hands

Braden is continuing to do so great. He has finally discovered his tummy at night and almost immediately flips over to it for his 12-13 hours rest at bed time... yes we know we are lucky.

He is eating all sorts of things including anything in his reach. He loves his car keys and is already asking about his wheels when he turns 16.

We just celebrated the marriage of Brian's brother to my wonderful sister-in-law Suzanne. B was at home but he got to hang with the family including his great grandpa over the course of the weekend (yes there are FOUR generations of Betts boys walking around).

He reaches with intent and is really such a joy. All his blood work came back normal and now we are just keeping up on shots to keep him protected from all the kiddo viruses flying around.

He is still as stocky as ever, hence the crazy amount of rolls in his first picture.


  1. I'm still bummed that he wasn't able to come over on Sunday! Love the cute, new pics of him!!

  2. Check out the red hair on that boy!! What a precious picture with his great grandpa. Luv, Gammy

  3. Julia - Braden looks just like you! He is soo cute! I love reading about all his progress. Hope yall are doing well! ~Kendall

  4. I love his red hair, his big eyes, and yes, his rolls.