Monday, November 15, 2010

Did You Say...

Da Da? Yes. B had his first words and it is "dada". I look at him constantly and say "mama" and he looks right at me and says, "dada". Kind of wonderful and at the same time I think... do you know what "mama" did to get you into this world! :) :)

He is motoring around on his walker all the time and moves with so much intent! He is an independent attitude and I already see the rebel developing. He is also obsessed with Daisy our dog! He stalks her in his walker and once he gets close to her he reaches for her, opens his mouth and proceeds to let her lick him everywhere! That is until I see what is going on and yell at the dog. Hope this habit breaks.

He is also eating well and insists on helping us feed him. our friend V was over and took her turn feeding him. You be the judge but I think he has a crush.... he is torn between Daisy and V :)


  1. Daisy must think he tastes really good. Or she just knows he leaves some of his lunch on his face for her. ;-)

  2. Dada?!?! Well, he is pretty cute and funny. I'll bet Daisy is thrilled to have a playmate who lets her lick him up and down! And, how could he not have a crush on that cutie, V? I'd better get over there stat or she'll take my place as his fave auntie! <3

  3. His bright blue eyes and bright red hair are so striking! He is so cute.