Sunday, February 13, 2011

My Daddy's Chair and Crazy Hair

Nana brought over a small rocking chair that Brian used when he was a young child. We put Braden in it to watch Baby Einstein and he sits very intently. However, I did take my eye off him and he plunged forward and did a face plant onto the carpet. It is moments like this when I realize this will be one of many bonks and cruises, especially with a boy!! I also felt like a horrible mom and Brian came running upstairs while I was consoling B and he knew better than to "judge" even though I could tell he had a look on his face to say, "if that had happened under my watch I would be getting yelled at." and he is right :)

Brian is also determined to convince me that Braden needs a haircut and he proceeded to take him into the bathroom, put gel is his hair and spike it sideways just to make his point. I do not know why I am resisting, but cutting his hair is such a big moment and I refuse to let it happen until absolutely necessary.

Braden is still home with Nana for one more month and then he is off to daycare. While it is bittersweet I am actually excited he will get to interact with other kids and learn new things.... including picking up all kinds of germs but that is to be expected!


  1. um, we had that same face plant experience yesterday (opposite roles) and are also in the midst of a "to cut or not to cut" discussion. so far no hair gel has been involved in either. :)

  2. I got lotion in Ridley's eye once, and Ryan did the whole "Oh! you would yell at me" face as well. :)

    B and R will be school friends! Fun stuff.

  3. I am experiencing the exact same thing with my 3 girls...Ella is sporting a bruise on her forhead where she hit herself on the crib. Cathie and I were in the room so it will happen. Brayden is such a cutie and man, I see Brian in him.
    We wish our girls would get enough hair to need a haircut. Everyone is always commenting about how cute "He" is! I think that Brayden is adorable just like he is...
    Aunt Bonnie