Thursday, December 29, 2011

Santa, is that you?

My serious son... as always. Great Christmas.... see highlights below.
Wind chime time with G-Bob!

Look closely but this "Santa" is related. This was after an initial meltdown.... eventually he warmed up.

Super excited about the TREE in our house!

Opening presents with Nana.... WHO-HOO a sand/water box!

Playing matchbox cars with Poppa! He is so much fun!

Not pictured are many more amazing family members. Special love to Nana, Paw paw, Gammy, and G-Bob for taking care of Braden while we work. We even saw Aunt Abbey and Uncle Scott briefly. Thanks to Aunt Sue and Uncle Brent for being amazing during the holidays and well beyond! Also, Braden has LOVED spending time with Uncle Geoff for a week straight! A special bday wish to my sweet Ama and I LOVED hanging out with my Poppa Godley (even though he is a backseat rocker).


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