Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Medicine, Moons, and My Turn

Medicine - Braden is so good at taking medicine, in fact he begs for it. Hilarious and we caught the moment on video. http://youtu.be/Wa7H3amyL1Q

Moons - Braden LOVES looking at the moon and the stars and often out of nowhere will say, "Moon stars at night". It is a bedtime ritual for him and daddy.

My Turn - Braden has learned all about his turn and has just started saying, "My turn! My turn!" when he wants to try something on his own. We usually go for a walk and he rides in the wagon but he is so interested in his turn he actually pushed the wagon the entire walk tonight!

Aside from strep (right after I said he was so healthy) he has been doing really well. We took a trip to the beach. What better timing than the ONE cold weekend we have had in awhile but we made the most of it and he even flew a kite with daddy!

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