Saturday, October 31, 2009

Trick or Treat

Braden is still cooking along and if I had to guess by his activity this morning he wants to be a soccer player for Halloween. Good heart rate, good activity, momma is doing fine so all is still well on the keep Braden in campaign for now. We did have some more tough conversations with doctors yesterday about risks to me and Braden long term if I went into delivery in the next week ... not a position we want to be in so at this point week 24 is good, but week 25 is better and 28 and beyond is best. One thing is for sure, these doctors and nurses are amazing and I am in the best place sitting right here.

Speaking of sitting her... we are definitely on a mission to make this bed more comfortable for me. Some nurses claim they are tempurpedic... I am suspicious... others claim they are like sleeping on concrete... sounds more accurate :) I am also working on a calendar for visitors which I really look forward to in order to break up the day.

Please let me know what you all are doing for Halloween or what you are dressing up as. All I have is a view of the hospital lobby so the entertainment factor of people watching in limited. I need some non-hospital updates to take my mind off things.

Love you all, we all feel your prayers and appreciate the support!


  1. I have known Grandma Donna for a long time and I want you to know we are praying in Brazoria county. I love to watch the miracles of God and we are expecting one for this precious baby.

    Melanie Cooper

  2. So happy he's still cooking! Look forward to more and more good news from the "keep Braden in" campaign :) When I was on bedrest, I spent a lot of time visualizing the best outcomes playing out and that helped me a lot.

    Lainey and Graham are excited for Halloween - Graham is dressing as Lightning McQueen and Lainey is a "pretty witch."

    Continued prayers to keep Braden in well in 2010!!!

  3. Julia and Brian, this is a lovely blog. Your courage and positivety are shining right through to keep Baby Braden protected and healthy. I am more than happy to stop by and dance for you in my sock hop Halloween costume or any other time to bring some home cooked food so please let me know! Also, if Daisy needs to go on a walk, we can get her as I am sure she misses her playful parents.

    Thoughts and prayers for the three of you,

    Joey and Lourdes

  4. Chuck LOVES Halloween. I wanted to turn out the lights and pretend we were out of town, but NO... he just came home with bags and bags of candy for the trick or treaters! Koko's going to be a "bat" and Bella's going to be a "spider" OOOOOH!
    We'll sit outside at the front door so they won't go crazy barking every time the doorbell rings. We did that last year and it worked really well. Most of the trick or treaters really enjoyed petting them as much as getting the candy, I think! My hope is we can keep Braden in the campaign until 2010! The longer the better, right? That's what I'm praying for. I'm holding you in my thoughts, prayers, and love.
    Nana (Grandma Donna)

  5. Great to hear that Braden is active and working on his leg stretches. :) Tonight, Megan is going as a cat and will spend the night with friends. Eric and I are going to watch the Mummy and handle all the trick or treaters. The blog is a great idea -- it's reassuring to hear to the updates. Bless you all, Heidi

  6. So glad to know things are progressing. Now, I can look forward to texts, emails and blog updates! Yay! I am manning the house after my tour of our street for trick or treating. We are getting very few visitors... guess the steep driveway scares them away :( Kaya wanted to be me for Halloween. Flattering but funny how it turned out- lots of sparkly jewels- not exactly my every day look :) Thinking of you all often!

  7. Happy Halloween. We've been following everything on the blog and thinking about you guys. So glad to hear he's still 'cooking'. If you want to see something more interesting than the hospital walls, check out Michele's Facebook page for some pictures of the girls at Maya's third birthday today in thier Halloween costumes.
    We'll check in next week and see which day you'd be up for some Starkloff home cooking!

  8. It was so good to hang with you guys today. It was like our football Saturday but in a hospital. I am free to come back anytime you need.
    As for Halloween, we had a ton of kids come by. We handed out three huge bags of candy, which is good so there is nothing left for me to eat. Owen dressed in a yankees jersey/hat with a bat and downloaded halloween music to play out the windows as we passed out candy from the porch for two straight hours. Thriller was a hit with the kids who all liked Michael Jackson. I did not dress up, but wore a halloween shirt and many wondered what my costume was as it looked like I stuffed a small bowling ball underneath.
    My favorite of the night was a young girl who said trick or treat and held out a gold purse so we could put candy in it. Now that is my type of trick or treating. Happy Halloween! Sending positive energy always!

  9. Well, honey, I spent this evening with my daughter and her family. Lauren (8) was dressed like a 1950's waitress including saddle shoes! She looked darling. Four year old Brayden, well, he was a Transformer! A couple of times he would scrunch down and say "watch me transform". Then he would go through various movements until he was all transformed! What a ham hock. I did not dress up. I am too excited about leaving for Bora Bora this Monday afternoon. Paradise, here I come! Teri Rhodes-Cantu

  10. I went to the TCU game this afternoon. Came home and did homework tonight and watched "I Love You, Man"