Saturday, October 31, 2009

Nurse Becky

ok, so this might come off wrong, so let me start this out by sending love and respect to all my nurses out there... but holy moly we just had the most intense nurse experience of my stay. Let me instroduce, Nurse Becky. She entered the room and proceeded to tell me all about why she was late what she does, how she does it, why she does it, etc. etc. etc. I mean down to the detail of what a stool softener is and how it works.

All I needed were my scheduled meds, vital check and monitoring which usually takes about 10-15 minutes. Well not Nurse Becky...
-she asked me everything about my body from checking my nail beds down to my last weight, which I had checked 5 weeks ago so not sure how that adds accuracy.
-during my monitor she made me lay in a still position with my arms over my head so my arms would stay out of her way.
-she would not take her eyes off me until she saw me take my prenatel vitamin because she was not allowed to leave me alone with meds...
-when I asked he for an ambien, which many patients take for obvious reasons, she lectured me that I could become addicted and should be careful, seriously? Of course I realize that but cut me some slack for a few days!
-then she asked why my leg pumps were off (they help with circulation on bed rest) and I told her I just turned them off recently (totally allowed) and she then told me how I was putting myself at risk for blood clots which could quickly travel to my heart and instantly kill me.

Of course I am grateful for her detail, but the intesity/lectures were a bit much. Brian cracked up when she left and said have fun with her during your 3a.m. vital check.

p.s. Braden is doing great. He is cozy in the womb probably still wondering what all the fuss is about.

p.p.s. Thanks for the Halloween comments, highly entertaining :)


  1. Jules, I just shot you and Brian an e-mail at your NI accounts. Regarding Nurse Becky, she seems great, in small doses. :) Hang in there tonight and keep the posts coming! - Nathan

  2. So, Nurse Rachett really does exist and you are one of her lucky patients! Really she sound like she knows how do do her job, but is not what I would call a compassionate, people person. Her bedside manner does leave alot to be desired.

    Think of all the stories about her that you can write in your book in a couple of years. If your hubby has not gotten you a journal, ask him to get you one. It will make for a great read once you are done with this process and holding your sweet little man child!!!!!

  3. Thank goodness for nurse rotations - I love the posts, and am looking forward to a visit soon, let us know when the calendar is ready!

  4. Becky sounds hilarious, though I am sure the stories will be much funnier when you repeat them to Braden's girlfriends later in life =) As you probably already know by now Julia, your Horns really brought it last night against the OSU Cowboys. It was slow at the start, but they were back to their usual selves by the 2nd quarter - they won 41-14. And Brian, your Ags did really well - they dominated Iowa State with a 35-10 win. Looking forward to the fun Turkey Day matchup! Following your blog now, looking forward to updates and many more positive progress reports. -Kelly Greenwalt

  5. Oh nurse Becky! Sierra and Lyla (ie sleeping beauty and the little chicken) miss you - I just sent you our halloween pics!

  6. Loved the Nurse Becky blog. It takes all kinds and "variety is the spice of life!" Fortunately you won't see her EVERY day and every shift, so just prepare yourself for a chuckle and don't take her too seriously! Actually a little lighthearted laugh is a good thing and I'm glad you're looking for the joy in all your hospital experiences. Tell Braden that Nana loves him and will talk to him on Friday. Hugs and kisses,
    Nana Betts

  7. The nurses are the best part, we had some interesting encounters ourselves with ours! hang in there and let us know if you need anything at all!

  8. and they make the best stories because you always get a crazy one.