Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Reunited and it feels so good

Had a wonderful Saturday with my ante-pardum/NICU mommas. As many of you know we made some really good friends while in the hospital for a few months.

Missy and Russ on the left of the pic were on bedrest in ante pardum for 11 weeks and then in the NICU 2 weeks. We had so many laughs and honestly I could not have imagined experiencing this without them there cheering us on. Missy is officially a celebrity making it as long as she did in ante pardum and she and Russ are two of the most amazing parents and friends we could have in our lives.

Kate and Joey on the right are two of the strongest people I have ever known and wow did they have the book thrown at them being in the NICU 5 months! Kate and I only met the day before Braden was born but when baby Reece came just 3 days later we got to know each other for 10 weeks in the NICU as we were positioned right across from one another. We shared ups and downs and found ourselves rooting for one another throughout the process.

Our sweet photographer was none other than my most favorite night nurse Joanne. She is back from Africa working her magic at St. Davids and it is a pleasure to get to spend time with her again.

There is always silver lining and ours comes with a new family and new friends. Mr. B is likely 14lbs and then some. Doing great and loving spending time with his Nana every day.


  1. Special friendships for sure!! What an awesome picture...you see in everyone's faces so much love and gratitude for those three little miracles. Luv, Gammy

  2. I'm so happy for all of you. Your experiences created a special bond that will last a lifetime. Can I be the team mom for the boys' soccer team in a few years? I still have my cow bells!!

  3. So good to see everyone's smiling faces, and all of those beautiful kiddos. What a treat to get to spend time with all of those fantastic people under much better circumstances!

  4. Wow- how great!! Wish i could have been there with you. So glad to see everyone is home. Please share my email address so I can hear about how each baby is doing. Hugs to all!!

    Kim (Dr. D)

  5. What a wonderful reunion. I love you all!