Friday, May 7, 2010

Balancing Act

I wrapped up going back to work a few days a week yesterday and it was definitely an adjustment to balance work and home life. However, it felt great to get back into a routine and to interact with adults! I miss Mr. B but his Nana is taking great care of him as our nanny and she even sends me email updates of how he is doing a few times a day.

Braden continues to grow and is 13lbs and 10oz. He is in the 98th percentile for his head... which is definitely picked up from my side of the family. He has a funny hair cow lick which he definitely gets from his daddy. He is still scarce on hair which could be pointed at either side of the family :)

He is picking up on smiling at mom and dad and is starting to track us a little better. He had a professional photo shoot today and he cooperated this time versus the first attempt where he screamed his head off at the photographer. He has really strong legs and insists on practicing standing up all the time.

We have taken him out on walks quite a bit and I even got him a hat to protect his face. Unfortunately for Braden mommy did not exactly get the right size... see video below.


  1. I cannot wait to see the photos! : )

  2. Hilarious! Even in the 98th percentile for heads, this hat was a bit too large for now. I saw Braden in the photo shoot and he was a rock star. Look out world. ~Polly

  3. I needed a good laugh today hon and you and Braden always comes through and make me laugh...thank you!! He is so cute even if I do say so myself... Luv, Momma/Gammy

  4. LOL too adorable! I need to visit Mr. B soon! :)