Sunday, June 27, 2010

Anything You Can Do I Can Do Cuter

Lately Braden has started imitating our sounds and actions which apparently includes sticking out our tongues. Braden loves to talk and sing with us. Good thing he is unaffected by our inability to carry a tune.

He wants nothing to do with laying around and all he wants to do is have us help him stand, stand, and stand! He facial expressions when he gets a different view of his world are priceless.

We are so fortunate he is sleeping 10 hrs a night and he continues to gain weight at 15 1/2 pounds. He is an absolute joy and we are so lucky to have a smiley baby loving life!


  1. That is a precious photo. He looks so cute and happy!

  2. Oh my goodness, look at this big, happy miracle boy. Look at him grow! Missing all of you.

  3. Thank you Jules for keeping us informed of Bradens growth progression. It is so healpful when distasnce doesn't allow for some of us to see that precious bundle of joy on a regular basis. Gammy