Thursday, June 10, 2010

Looking Good Kid

Braden had a doctor appointment today and I am proud to say the doc thinks Braden is developing great!

He is 15 lbs and 6 oz! He is being taken off a few supplements to gain weight but is still on breast milk with some rice cereal to help with the reflux. We get to start to introduce solids this month which scares me to death!

He loves sucking his fingers (esp the inside ones so he makes a longhorn), continues to smile, laugh and discover the world around him. He is so vocal talking to us all the time about the latest dream he had, the happenings of the day, or just what is on his mind!

Look for a video soon as he is so amazing live and in person :)


  1. Choking is your biggest fear. Good luck with the solids! - Hil

  2. baby solids are really he'll be ok if choking is a worry...just go slow. :) I really love checking in with your's fun to see Brian and his family! Feel free to come visit our site if you have never done so...

  3. ok...would help if I proof read...they are NOT really solid...hahaha!!!!