Saturday, August 7, 2010

Three Amigos

Been meaning to get around to this post for a few weeks. These are 3 miracle babies who we met while in the NICU. We have Mr. Will on the far right and he is so happy and chill all the time. We have Mr. Reece in the middle who many of you know spent twice as long int he NICU as Braden and had quite the roller coaster ride but is doing great. Then we have Mr. B on the far left. They are all intently looking at Reece's mommy Kate who was making really funny noises.

B is doing really good. Sleeping and eating well. We survived our first trip out of town to Houston to see cousin Emily. She is so beautiful and loved meeting baby Braden. He also spent his first sleepover with Nana and Pawpaw while Brian and I worked the busiest week of the year, NIWeek.

He is still not rolling over and frankly hates being on his belly all together. He is getting stronger at sitting up and if he could walk/run he would!

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  1. Yes, miracles I think about on a daily basis. Sorry we missed out!