Sunday, August 21, 2011

First Plane Ride and Trip to the Beach - From Braden's View

Sorry my mommy has been sooooo out of touch on the blog. I thought I would tell you all about my trip to Florida!

Started with my first plane ride. I did not have my own seat but mommy let me ride on her lap the entire way there as I mostly slept and sweat all over mommy.... that plane was hot! We met Gammy at the airport and drove down to Venice.

I saw the ocean for the first time and took off towards it. I vaguely remember my mommy running frantically behind me with a camera while yelling something to daddy about not letting me drown. Video evidence of this will be posted later... my mommy is technically challenged with uploaded videos. :)

Daddy bought me "cool dude" sunglasses where I perfected my, "hello ladies" move.

I went to the splash park every day with Gammy and Poppa Godley and Ama. The park was a good place for me because my risk of diving into the deep water (which I love to do at the pool) is eliminated and I think mommy has better blood pressure. I really do not know why she gets so stressed, I tried telling her I am part fish.

We also went and got me my first ice cream cone.

I also went looking for sharks teeth with daddy and Poppa Godley. We found a bunch! Apparently this part of the world is known for sharks teeth!

I had a really good time and was a perfect angel on the plane ride back too. Even though I did get slightly fussy when we had to turn around on the drive home because daddy forgot the pack and play on the curb at the airport.... at least that is what mommy told me.... :)

Thanks for letting me take over the blog. I will be sure to let mommy know to get with the program on more frequent updates!

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