Saturday, September 3, 2011

Game Day!

Ok, I told mommy I write better blogs so I am taking over again and in honor of college football kicking off, below are some of my favorite pictures!

From the beginning in the NICU mom and dad were trying to confuse me (Thanks again for the hat nurse Lily).

Dad trying to convert me... I look pretty nervous about this idea.

One of my momma's favorite pictures.... me day dreaming of my future days watching UT games... or just in shock she would put me in Gilbert's jersey... still love the Horns regardless.

Hanging with the fellas Luke Panko and A.J. Franty. Many more of these times to come likely with booze and babes... WAY in the future.

Overwhelmed at that GIANT Longhorn bib. My Sooner Aunt Kelly gave this to me perhaps as reverse psychology of some kind.

Me and my die hard TCU Horn Frog Uncle Geoff. I have to admit this may be the front runner as my favorite team.

Me and momma on game day... even though I run around so she misses most of the game. Which was ok since her team was really bad last year.

Aunt Martha if you are reading this I wore the Ohio State shirt today... but I move too quick for good pics these days :) Love to you all! Going to cheer on all my respective teams as I am still undecided... no matter what mom and dad dress me in!

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