Sunday, November 1, 2009

Fast Forward?

So far today has been a day of no change, which is good. Had more discussions with various doctors about the continued risks and dangers of how going into labor risks my health and Braden's health. Then there are the tough discussions about what is means this early along once he potentially out and fighting to survive. Your mind can become blurry with the details and decisions of ifs, maybes, statitically, likely, and mostly uncertainty. However as we keep saying, each passing day is a positive, adding to each week which is a milestone.

The doctors are arming us with all the scenarios possible, but as expected the decisions in those scenarios pose many risks at this point and it has been tough emotionally to wrap our heads around things when it is all a matter of many circumstances at the time.

Given what they have said I have gathered a fast forward button of at least 1-2 weeks would be ideal, but since my ability to do that is limited :) I continue to sit/lay tight and do what I can to keep this baby from coming!

Physical therapy is coming tomorrow to advise on how I can position and move around to keep my body healthy. I even get to work up to a wheelchair ride around the hospital some time in the future!

Again thank you for all the thoughts, prayers, visits, stories, yummy foods. :) I appreciate them all as the time can tend to move slowly and we hopefully have a long way to go!

I will keep you all posted on my exciting adventures, however my biggest moving highlight was being able to sit on the couch while they changed my sheets, small thrills :)


  1. Its a good moment to remember the Serenity Prayer:

    "God, grant me the serenity to accept the things I cannot change, the courage to change the things I can, and the wisdom to know the difference"

    You and Brian are so brave right now, it is admirable. See you soon.

  2. Julia - just got your email and went straight to your blog. OK, so a few turns in the road. You guys are certainly getting an early taste of the unpredictability of parenthood. Jeez!

    OK, so you're on week 25, is that right? That is great - you only have a few weeks to go to make 28, and then after that it's even better. You are right when you say you are in the best place you can be right now - near the nurses and doctors who can help and guide you both.

    Do you have DVD capabilities? I'll bring some by soon - will get with you on timing via email.

    Tim and I will be saying many prayers for you both and wishing you mild rear-end pain until the wheelchair comes! Sad when that is your big goal - to make the wheelchair. Such is life - and if anyone can conquer this challenge, it is you two.

    Thinking of you!

  3. Hi Jules, I pray that you and Brian know in your hearts that Braden and you will be just fine. I know there are some scary possibilities...I believe in my heart that you all won't have to go there! Keep doing all the great work that you are doing to keep that sweet boy in the oven. Remember energy follows thought. People all across the U.S. are praying for you, Brian and strong little Braden.
    Love ya,

  4. Prayers, love, prayers, love are all being sent your way from Angleton Texas...I love you guys and know that all will be okay...hang in there guys and someday it will be a story to tell Braden when he is a soccer player for Halloween...he will think his mom and dad are so smart because they knew he would be a soccer player in the womb...

    Now that I have found your blog, I will check it out daily and write you also...

    I am going to be coming to Austin to help did hear that I am going to have more grandchildren...triplets...yep, Cathie is having Triplets and so I will be coming to go to the doctors with I will get up to see you too...

    Take care which it looks like Nurse Becky will not let you doing anything else...

    Love, Aunt Bonnie (wow, I just realized I will be a great Aunt) Love it!

  5. Hi Julia:

    Yeah, to a wheelchair soon. That will help. I can just feel Braden appreciating his mom in motion. Each day is a breath closer to 2 weeks. Talk to Archangel Gabriel, one who helps with pregnancies, and the birth! May this Angel wrap wings around your little angel.

    Love and Prayers---Katherine

  6. Our prayers and thoughts are with the three of you. In the meantime, keep your chin up...and your arms too, so you're out of Becky's way. I would offer to make some food for you, but my cooking skills are mostly limited to cereal, wich probaly wouldn't be the most nutritionally beneficial for you guys at this point. Anyway, at the moment I'm at work and I don't want my corp. comm. manager to get mad, so I'll keep it short. ;) Peace to you.(BTW, Philippians 4:7 is a good little pill that helps me relax when I'm stressed...give it a try; it's addictive.)

  7. Sending positive thoughts and prayers your way! Please let me know what I can bring to help keep you entertained/distracted from all the hospital hubbub during your stay. All three of you are so strong--it's inspiring.

    All my best, Jenna

  8. Precious Ones,
    Just recently got off a Prayer Call with TSFL Friends. There is an army of prayer warriors lifting the three of you up every day - all day. Take comfort in knowing that God is listening because so many of us are banging on his door asking for the same thing - a healthy baby and mama. We will not give up. Thanks for the continued updates. This diary will become a treasure for you and Braden to help you remember all the people who love you so much and how we're loving you! Have a peaceful, blessed day.
    Nana Betts

  9. Just wanted to let you know that I am certainly thinking about you & your family. You are in my thoughts & prayers. This brings back so many memories for me & I just wanted you to know that you will make it through this with strength that you didn't even know you have!

    Would love to get on the list to bring food & entertainment...and ANY support you could possibly need.

  10. The following might sound ridiculous but I thought I would share... Jesse and I took a Hypnobirthing class instead of the traditional birthing classes offered by the DRs office. Hypnobirth is supposed to prepare you for a drug-free labor and birth. At its core, it's really just a bunch of meditation - before the actual event and during. It was really helpful before my labor. I would listen to my hypnobirth cds every night and sometimes Jesse would read me scripts and rub my feet. I chose scripts that would help me release the fear of childbirth and ones that just overall helped me relax. Although I did end up getting an epidural (after 18 hours) I'm positive all the meditation and positive affirmations relaxed my mind and body.

    Our hypnobirth instructor was a pretty big hippie (as you could imagine!!) She was on bed rest for months before her son was born and swore by a couple of meditations. I think (worse case) the meditation and positive affirmations will work to relax your mind and body, which can only help your situation. I'll give you a couple of simple ones here and if you actually like it (most people think this stuff is new-age bs but the truth is meditation has been used for thousands of years to center the mind and body) I have tons of scripts I can send your way.

    Breath is critical to meditation. Get comfortable and breath - in for four seconds, out for four seconds. Mouth closed with your tongue just touching the back of your front teeth. Focus on relaxing your breath. Slow and steady...

    The Closed Blossom
    (The original script is an opening blossom but in this case we want to delay the onset of labor...)
    Use your breathing techniques to bring yrself into relaxation, then close yr eyes and envision little Braden sleeping in the center of a large rose. All the petals are tightly closed, keeping him safe and snug. If a petal starts to peel away, visualize the petal folding back up and tightly pressed against the blossom. What color is the rose? How many petals? The more details you visualize the better.

    Blue Satin Ribbon
    Close yr eyes and imagine the muscles of your uterus not as fibers but as ribbons. Visualize these ribbons being tied tightly in a big beautiful bow around baby Braden. See the bow flowing gently in your amniotic fluid. If the ribbon starts to loosen, just visualize it being tied again snugly back in place. What color is the bow? What material? How big is the bow compared to the width of the ribbon?, etc.

    The more detailed you can get these visualizations, the better. Like I said, the idea is to give your mind and body some relief from all this unimaginable stress. Week 34+ will be here before you know it. You are strong and so is baby Braden. Stay positive. We are thinking of you. xoxox

  11. Hi Julia. Just wanted to let you know that you and you family are in our prayers-daily---
    Remember-thoughts become things-think on good ones!!! You all are going to experience a miracle
    as little Braden arrives---

    Love and hugs,
    The Prewetts

  12. Wow! I am in shock! So for some non hospital talk...Well we went trickor treating as Tinker Bell, Moe from the Doodlebops (you will soon get to know them) and a flower fairy. We went around the blockand Brian's parents live in our neighborhood. I am thinking they were the family that ran out of candy and started handing out quarters. All of the kids were like, wow those people are giving out money. I hope us Trick or Treating is not taking out of Brayden college fund. ha ha. Not sure if it was the Betts, but Iam thinking it was or their neighbor.

    Keep us posted and those beds are totally uncomfortable!!!


  13. Yep. It was us that ran out of candy - 5 bags!!! Luckily Chuck had a coffee can of change. He picked through and found all the quarters. Glad your kids thought the money was OK. Chuck loves Halloween and was sorry to run out of candy, but I wouldn't got the store for him - I was afraid we'd have left-overs. Ha!

  14. "Super Jugs" Rises to the Occasion!

    Recognizing that in the near future that he will need to be the part-time protector of both Braden and Daisy, Jugs demonstrated his ongoing training and readiness for his forthcoming role at Brazos Bend State Park.

    On a short hike near the swollen Brazos River today, Jugs faced off with and then dispersed a venomous Coral Snake as it slid dangerously close to his two "parents" close behind. This certainly cemented his reputation as "Pack Leader" and created great clamoring and barking for treats in response to his bravery.

    He will be distribuiting autographed photos for a small fee shortly.

    He looks forward to meeting Braden and seeing his girl friend, Daisy, nearly as much as his hiking companions. They love them both and their parents beyond imagination. Won't be long! Love you all. Our prayers are with and forever.

    Jugs "Parents"

  15. I'm thinking about you guys all the time. Let me know if there is anything I can do to help or make things easier for you all.

  16. Hey Huli,
    JHB just shared the news with me and I wanted you to know I'm thinking about you guys. I'll touch base with Brian and find out about bringing you some entertainment (are the Chippendale's hospital approved?) and food. I thought about offering to bring a cork but then I figured that would be in poor taste. Oh, wait...that was supposed to be an "inside" thought! :)

    love you guys,