Sunday, January 10, 2010

Changing Gears

I head back to work tomorrow on a part time basis and I am already soliciting advice on the transition and balance ahead of me. This has been an unusual road and we continue to keep Braden first as we do what is best in the long run for our family.

Braden is doing great. He continues to figure out the bottle as he took 12 ml from dad and 19ml from our nurse! This is a big step but a long process as he works towards full feeds. It is still amazing to watch his face figure out how to suck, swallow and breathe. Gammy and Nana got to hold him this past weekend which was a joy for them both as it was for Braden.

Braden has started to meet with the physical therapist in order to keep the range of motion in his limbs healthy as well as shape his head which tends to turn into a toaster oven slot shape if not placed on his back enough. Toaster oven was the official description from nurses.

I have realized kiddos come with no instruction manual and I hope I get the swing of things soon as I am terrified at the thought of him being my responsibility, but look forward to it all the same.


  1. I hope your first week back goes well. We've all missed you.

  2. Happy to have you back! We've missed you.

  3. Julia,
    Going back to work and having to leave your baby is so hard for all mothers but my advice to you is to take each day as it comes and make each decision on what is best for you and your family...don't worry about things getting done if you want to hold Braden a few minutes longer or just watch him sleep...they grow so fast as you are learning and each day reveals so much about that precious young life you have brought into this world...I got to see Nana's brag book and marveled at the changes Braden has made in such a short time...he is going to be one handsome young man! Have a good week back to work and hopefully I get to see my "nephew" soon. Love, Aunt Bonnie

  4. No one has an instruction manual with babies, and most people do great. Sooooo ....Smarties like you two will excel at parenting! Braden's a lucky kid.

    Welcome back!