Thursday, January 21, 2010

Who Put My Baby On the Floor?

Walked into the NICU yesterday only to discover...

It was actually quite adorable, even if the chair swallows him. They are trying out some new positions to see if it improves his reflux.

Braden is making some progress on bottle feedings taking an ounce of milk from the bottle for mom! I also just talked to his nurse and he is 4lbs 15oz!! It is amazing to hold him against me and see and feel the noticeable difference in his size.

Only now that could be working against him as the doctors are keeping an eye on if he is gaining weight too fast... the kid can't win! Hopefully it is all protein and muscle versus water weight... we shall wait and see over the next day if there are additional steps to take.

He is trucking along, we just don't want him to become the size of an actual truck!


  1. Posted a 4:06 AM!!! Argh! What a schedule! But thanks for this incredible video. Again, I've just played it over and over. He's SO CUTE!! And he looks so big sitting up in his little carrier... Love to you all.

  2. Kate is loving watching Braden grow. Its an amazing process and so need to see his digs. Thanks for sharing.

  3. It has been quite a while since I've had a chance to comment...but I keep up with what is going on. It is so awesome to see how Braden is doing. Bless his growth and may his health continue to improve. Hope you two are doing well!
    Much love, many prayers,