Saturday, January 23, 2010

Little Show Off

I was in a meeting at work on Friday when I got a picture of Braden from Brian via my cell phone saying, "notice anything different?" As I peered closely I noticed his cannula was not on and I called Brian exclaiming, "Is he off oxygen?!"

Brian said when he got to the assessment Braden had pulled his cannula off his face and was using it as a chew piece in his mouth. Once again he was trying to show us he was a strong bot and as the doctor came over to evaluate they decided to give him a shot without oxygen support.

I drove to the hospital about an hour later ecstatic to walk in and see my little man off the cannula... until I saw his monitors beeping and alerting nurses that he was struggling. So as quick as he came off he went back on, but he gave it a shot! Of course I took out the video camera and captured Braden without all his gear on right before they reapplied a new cannula. They are going to watch him the next few days before determining if he has chronic lung disease at which time they would take additional measures to help him get stronger.

His feedings are going well and he passed the 5lbs marker!! He took 2 bottles in a row and almost completed his feeding each time. This is important because one criteria to leaving is he must be taking full feeds via bottle every 3 hours. So we have a ways to go, but headed in the right direction!

He also had a follow up eye exam and things seem to be the same as last week, which is a good thing.

So our little man is trying to break out of the NICU but that is to be expected, he is a little fighter and in the words of the nurses and doctors, he is an outright miracle.


  1. What a little miracle boy?! When he makes his mind up (that he's tired of these breathing apparatus'), he isn't afraid to make his move. We continue to pray for him (and you and Brian) and am certain his lungs just need a little more time to develop. Hang in there. We love you guys! <3

  2. Your little fighter has been in my families prayers and we are excited he is moving along, and trying to show you how strong his will is. Take care and know that your little miracle will continue to be full of suprises.

  3. Yes, he definitely wants you two to know that he highly approves of you as his parents and he can hardly wait to come home!!!

  4. What a great tool that video camera is!! Thanks for sharing the videos with all of us. Seeing him, hearing him and his support team of nurses and machines reminds me of how far he's come and how blessed we are to have him. I'm so proud of our big boy! 5 pounds and 3 bottles!! He's come such a long way... We're continuing to pray for his healthy development and hope are looking forward to that day when he's well enough to bring home!

  5. PRAISE THE LORD! That young man is so strong...he is a miracle and so special...of course, I wouldn't expect anything else of the son of Brian as I know how strong he is and his strong relationship with the Lord...prayers of thanksgiving and continued healing are coming your way. Love, Aunt Bonnie

  6. With this sort of rebellion, at such a young age, I expect him to get an earring at age 2, grow a beard at age 6 (or perhaps a mustache, like his dad) and get an arm tattoo at age 8. Of course, the tattoo will be in the shape of a heart with "Mom" written across it. :)