Friday, March 12, 2010

The Bear Compare

The past few months have seemed so long and there are times where I feel like Braden never looked any different than he does today. Then I decided to finally develop pictures from a disposable camera we had up at the NICU. The nurses would take pictures of Braden for us when they took him out of the isoltette to do various things since we could not take our own. They had various photo shoots including some of the pics below. There was one picture that took my breath away because it really reminded me how far Braden has come. There was this really tiny bear that Reece's mommy and daddy gave us and the nurses took pictures with Braden. I went up to Braden's room and got the bear and almost cried when I saw how tiny it was and how far Braden has come on this journey. It is hard to describe the change so I took a picture for a comparison. Braden is 9lbs 2oz, 4x as big as what he was in that the top photo! Still a grunter and not giving us any sleep but it is worth every minute when we reflect on moments in these pictures.


  1. Oh my goodness . . . what a difference 3 months makes?! He is a completely different big, little man. He looks so healthy and happy. Hugs to all of my Betts-y's. <3

  2. I have a tear in my eye as I reflect on your well written reflection of the dramatic changes in the past few months. It is appropriate today as it is "Uncle Billy's" birthday. He, too, was nearly as small as Braden at the outset. You, like his mother and father, will have many more moments of reflection as your little gem continues to grow and make his parents proud of his tenacity for life. There will be many more journeys that you all will share in the years to come. Special stuff!

    Bless you all.