Tuesday, March 2, 2010

All My Single Ladies

-Seeking female playmate

-18-21 inches in length between 7-12lbs

-Quiet in nature since I like to do all the talking

-Communicates well via grunting, no criers please

-Must likes babies with light brown hair, even if it is not growing in on top yet. Can an infant rock the comb over?

-Appreciates short naps and lack of sleep, I need a party animal that can stay up all night with me

-Enjoys long meal times and appreciation of the feeding experience, especially the drops that come back up

-Weak sense of smell preferred so she can look past the frequent, and lethal gas bombs

Any takers? :))
Braden is doing well. Tiring us out, but that is life with a newborn! He passed the 8lb marker this week and continues to change in some way on a daily basis.


  1. So awesome that he is doing so well and already mackin' on the ladies. I would love it if you were able to keep the blog going but I know being the parents of a newborn takes a lot of time and energy. Hope I can meet him some time soon! Love Whit

  2. Awesome post!! Wish I qualified. Can I go back and start my live over? I promise I'll do better next time!! Gonna miss seeing him this weekend, but looking forward to the 12th.

  3. Spoken like a mommy and daddy in love! I love this post, what a great idea.

  4. Pick me. Pick me. So, I'm a little over the height and weight requirement . . . and am a bit of a talker . . . but I'm a good listener too! Super cute new picture of my little boyfriend. : )