Sunday, March 7, 2010

Eye Contact

Braden is doing great. He went back to the eye doctor and they confirmed his eyes have matured and he is not at risk for sever visual disabilities. As you can see he is making solid eye contact with daddy and he is starting to follow our voices and eyes. He is still very newborn but getting stronger by the day. He is turning his head and we practice tummy time every day.

Braden continues to be a grunter but his personality and temperament make up for those moments in the middle of the night. Even his big sister Daisy loves to kiss him... constantly. He weighs more than 8lbs and is a wonderful baby. We are blessed.


  1. looking forward to seeing you guys in a couple weeks! He looks great!

  2. Precious photo. : ) I need some Braden time (and Huli & Bettsy time) soon. <3