Saturday, April 10, 2010

Sprouts, Bouts and Ceiling Fans

1Braden continues to grow and grow. He is about 12 lbs at this point and in the high percentiles for babies of his premature state. I swear he changes every day, in fact this morning I came to get him and I swear he had more hair that literally sprouted overnight! Speaking of overnight he is getting into 5-6 hour stretches of sleep, which is amazing for us, but still rough on me due to the pump schedule. I am starting to stretch that out in order to dry up my milk and will hopefully be finished in the coming weeks.

Braden is a total riot. If he is not taking on bouts with the play gym he is shadow boxing in mid air at who knows what, but it is adorable to see him work it out. He is also taking on daddy and the nurses. He peed on the nurse at his 4 month check up last week... but even funnier he peed on daddy when Brian had his back turned for a moment during the clean up of a huge stinky poop. It sounds cruel, but as a mom home all day, these moments make me smile just a little... well maybe a lot. Someone else has to feel the "experience" of Braden's bodily fluids :)

The video below is the latest of Mr. B and his sister Daisy. He continues to be a "vocal" child, but a dear all the same. We continue to feel so blessed and are doing our best to navigate through this adventure in parenting!


  1. Love the videos! Also love Braden's chubby cheeks...signs of a very healthy baby! Cute, cute. - Emily Slate

  2. Julia, he is so sweet! Glad there are some longer stretches of sleep are on the horizon, I can't believe how big he is!


  3. He really does look like he's boxing in the first one. And, I still love the play gym one, especially the part where Daisy brings her log toy and wants to get in on the play action. Hugs to all of you. : )