Friday, April 2, 2010

Have You Seen My Brain?

Wow, when they tell you you actually lose brain cells when pregnant, they were right. But when they told me those cells do not come back when the baby arrives... well, they were right again.

I do not have enough text to tell you some of the most amazingly dumb things I have done so I will give you a few highlights.

Started the dishwasher, without loading a single dish.
Warmed up the water for the bottle, without putting the water in the microwave.
Washed clothes thinking I was using detergent only to realize I was using fabric softener... a month later... not proud of this one.

On a funnier note, my little B is growing like a weed. Already 11lbs 5oz. He loves his bath time and especially loves to pee in the tub mid-way through so mommy gets to start all over :)) Love our little boy! He is technically 1 month old but literally 4!


  1. Maybe some of your brain cells just need a little sleep hon. Looks like you have a 2028 U.S. Olympic swim team member with Mr.B.

  2. Don't worry, your brain will turn back on when you start getting some good sleep again... or maybe they just need a little more vino. :)

    Braden is looking so handsome. I'm with Annie. We'll take an Olympic swimmer in the family . . . or maybe he'll be a stud triathlete. Whatever works.

  3. Hey I went to Target with Ethan when he was 6 weeks with a V necked sweater on backwards - didn't realize it until I got home :) Hang in there!