Monday, April 26, 2010

To All My Working Mommas

I go back to work tomorrow and wow it is bittersweet. I have this new best friend, who I am in love with, and while I only talk to him, I feel like I have known him my whole life.

I have so much respect for moms that stay home and moms that go back to work. Because both are HARD jobs regardless!!

I look forward to the challenge of work and actually having adult conversations. However, I will miss the meaningless TV time with Mr. B and the moments where there is nothing in the world that matters but me, Mr. B, and the trees he loves to gaze at all afternoon.

Going back to work is one of the hardest decisions a woman has to make after having a baby and while I was always certain I would go...I had no idea how heart breaking it would feel.

Silver lining. My mother-in-law moved to Austin and she is going to be Braden's care taker for the next year! We are so blessed to have her as well as my wonderful mother (Gammy) coming to town all the time to watch Mr. B.

Speaking of B... he is a love. Truly a wonderful person and such a joy to be around. I hope you all get to meet him soon :)


  1. Moms who go back to work are pretty amazing! Today, you joined my hero list. :) Welcome back.

  2. What a touching post. It is the part I dread the most too because both options --- whether returning to work or staying home--- are hard. I hope you are having a good first day back.

  3. I know your heart will help you balance your new role of now being a working mom. ^You go girl!! Luv, Momma

  4. Hi Julia:

    It is a true blessing to read your messages, see Braden growing so strong, and now knowing the "back-to-work" reality you are facing. But, you said it is a balance between the adult world of working companions and the sweet life with your baby and hubby. May this balance prove very valuable to you! Mr. B has received your heart and knows your love, care and, his spirit goes with you to work while he plays and challenges grandmas. I am excited to come and visit you and hug your sweet little man. Blessings, Katherine