Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Moving on Up... or Not

Braden hit the 6 pound milestone and is gaining each day. In fact he is doing so well they moved him to the other side of the NICU. Lucky bed #13....

Well moving is not all it is cracked up to be...

Old bed: right next to nurse station
New bed: right next to .... well nothing, other than the doorway where every person coming in and out goes by

Old bed: cozy in a private corner with calming dim lighting
New bed: a cramped space with barely enough room for 2 chairs in a bunch of bright lighting, and oh the curtain does not close so I can put on a show when pumping or breast feeding (we put in a request for a new curtain or new location) :)

Old bed: nurses we know and love
New bed: full of unfamiliar faces

Old bed: next to our friends
New bed: full of new babies and parents

I know it seems silly to make such a deal about moving, but when you have become used to a place for almost 9 weeks, change is hard to deal with since there is constantly so much changing around you. The nurses say his move is because he is doing so well... but it just feels like an unnecessary change.

No major updates, just waiting. He is still taking feeds and actually took a full bottle for me this morning, almost 2 ounces! Hopefully they will try to take him off oxygen again this week. Keep the prayers coming, our little angel appreciates every one.

I also wanted to post an old photo that I just love. This is the night the Cook's went home with Kace. In this pic Kace is about 5 1/2 pounds and Braden was just under 3 pounds. You can noticeably see a difference between what Braden looked like then versus now!


  1. Yay, 6 lbs.! And . . . while I am a big fan of the #13 (it's my lucky # and birthday), why mess with a good thing?! I hope this move will surprise us and prove there was a good reason for it! Hang in there. Love you guys. <3

  2. We went through a very similar move. More "nursery-like" room b/c the boys were doing better but different nurses and less personal care it felt like. Hopefully, you won't be there too long! Thinking about your little fam daily and sending you our prayers.

  3. Julia, when Ryan was in the NICU they had a screen they would wheel in when I pumped -- maybe they have something similar there? Anyway, I'm sorry the move has been rough. Hopefully you won't be there much longer.

  4. YEAH SIX LBS!!!! So excited for every new miracle in your world...

  5. If I still imagine Braden in the same place, will that help? So happy to hear of his great progress, but know that change is a difficult thing. Ugh.

    Love this pic! Soon we'll have pics of The 3 Betts-y's leaving NICU!!

  6. Just the thought of getting out soon and knowing that he's well enough to not require constant monitoring is a GOOD thing. Don't let a little thing like geography bother you.... and your little cape is such a cute privacy cover - no one will ever know. Oh, and turn the back of your chair to the door!! Ha!