Friday, February 19, 2010

Rear View Mirror

As I take a few days to reflect I think about what we have left in the rear view mirror:
100+ days in the hospital
300+ trips to and from hospital
3 re admissions for mom
9 hospital rooms for mom
36 days of bed rest
73 days in the NICU
450 minutes scrubbing in per person
34 nurses and 5 doctors in the NICU taking care of Braden
19 nurses and 3 doctors taking care of mom
4 IV sticks... in one day for mom, not even sure on the total

While we are happy to leave these things in the past, we have made new friends for life with the Cook and Desormeaux family who have been in this experience with us from the early days in ante partum, in addition to meeting the Shoemakers in the NICU. All of our situations are much different but there is an unspoken understanding and support amongst all of us that just cannot be explained unless you have experienced it. Probably no coincidence we all have trouble-making boys.

We were also so blessed to have a wonderful family and friends come out and support us in and out of the hospital. I have had some beautiful showers and have no words or time to thank everyone for what they have done to support and prepare us for Braden. I have a countless list of thank you cards to write and am facing a reality that it might be some time, if ever, that I get around to them all! Usually the baby is not here yet when these things go on :)

Our faith has also been tested but strengthened throughout this process. We had a few talks with the big guy, some a little more colorful than others, but throughout the events thrown our way we were able to stay strong in our faith that God could and would get us through this.

Braden is home and spends his days eating, sleeping, grunting, practicing tummy time, more grunting, more eating and now and then some more sleeping.

I have been asked if I will keep up with the blog and I thought, well why not, the journey has just begun.


  1. Sweet Betts-y's -- You have definitely gone through a major trial, but have come through it stronger than ever. We are so proud of both of you for remaining positive throughout it all . . . and can see that it absolutely paid off. We love you all! <3 jenn & scoob

    P.S. (You have to keep up with the blog! I need my frequent Braden's fixes. : )

  2. I'm so excited for you guys!! You are some strong people, and you've got a little pocket of Ohio pulling for you. Can't wait until Mr. Braden and Miss Celia can meet! Take care and sleep when you can.

    Love you all! --Cousin Sarah

  3. I was very moved by your latest blog entry Jules. This blog is definitely book material!! I am honored to be the mom of such a together, loving, strong new mom and incredible grandson!!
    Love, hugs and kisses,