Thursday, February 25, 2010

My First Ambulance Ride

My first ambulance ride was today. Oh man was today a day. I noticed Braden was breathing harder than normal so I decided to take him into the doctor to get checked. What I thought was a precautionary step turned into a fiasco. We had 4 people, RNs, clerks, etc. try to take his pulse ox and all commented on how small he was and how hard it was to get an accurate reading. Well after being there a few hours and having a few nurses in with confused looks, it was determined Braden should go to Dell Children's Hospital, via ambulance, admitted through the ER.

Wait, did we mention he had not seen a doctor yet, nor did he... yup, our son was admitted to Dell via ambulance into their ER without even seeing a doctor. Once in the ambulance they took his vitals, the SAME vitals as the pediatric nurses, and he was just fine. They said they HAD to take him anyway but that we were likely victims of liability concerns in place of good medical practice.

We got to Dell and they were immediately more concerned with the fact we were there due to all the illness in the hospital versus any concern something was wrong with Braden.

We were evaluated and discharged within a few hours. We all immediately came home, exhaled, then looked for the nearest wine bottle ;)

We are totally exhausted and spent. But on a positive, Braden is born again tomorrow, his actual due date. Look for another post to come soon.


  1. I am so sorry you had to go through that, but relieved that Braden is okay. Hopefully you had plenty of wine on hand. I'll bring some by today (or whenever you're up for it), so you have additional emergency stash! We love you tons.

  2. Man, what a scare and so unnecesary! After you have caught your breath, I hope you started finding a new pediatrician who perhaps specializes in premies!

  3. Oh the DRAMA honey. Just what you needed. I agree with Jenn--a glass of wine, please and some whiskey for Dad! Glad it's over, glad it was nothing, sorry you had to go through all of that.

  4. Oh my gosh, I just caught up on this post, Im sorry that you had to go through that terrible ordeal! Im glad that it was a false alarm, but still, what a mess! Im thinking about you guys daily and can't wait to come over to meet the little guy. Take care of your self too!