Wednesday, December 2, 2009

5 Weeks Here, 4 Weeks of 'Stache

Anybody remember the old '80s tv show "Magnum P.I."? Tom Selleck played a private investigator who lived a posh lifestyle in Hawaii, drove a red Ferrari, owned a Doberman Pinscher, and sported a mustache that drew the envy of the dudes and attention of the ladies. Well, at least I've got the Doberman and 'stache. Today marked 5 weeks since we checked into the hospital and the 4th week of "Growth for Braden". If Braden stays on course, I'll be asking for some mustache wax for Christmas!

We found out last week that Braden is already an Aggie fan. While his heartbeat was being monitored, Julia mentioned that he had not been as active as normal (the doctors like to see "accelerations" in the heart rate above baseline). Half-joking, I told Julia that I thought the Aggie War Hymn would get Braden excited and kicking. Sure enough, as I started singing "Hullaballoo, Caneck, Caneck" Braden's heart rate spiked from 145 to 175 and stayed there through "Saw Varsity's Horns Off". Certain it was a fluke, Julia tried to prove that Braden was just excited by the singing rather than the song itself. As she started "Texas Fight", Braden's heart rate dipped. Startled, Julia stopped singing and Braden's pulse came back up to normal.

Guess we'll have to paint the nursery maroon and white....


  1. You are sooooo Magnum. Lexus' weren't around in Magnum's day or he probably would have traded in the Ferrari for one. And, of course, he always had hotties after him and you have a hottie for a wife. I think you should add Hawaiian shirts and short shorts to your Christmas list along with the 'stache wax.

    Now, on the nursery . . . let's not get crazy, Bettsy. I think we'll have to do a few more scientific tests . . . the spike could have been due to stress at hearing the Aggie War Hymn . . . or male voice vs. female (kind of like the misperception most dogs have that a male is the alpha because of the deeper voice.) See there are lots of possibilities. <3

  2. If he started swaying back and forth maybe you could say he's an aggie, but in this case I think it proves he's a Horn, because when you guys start singing that "I want my mommy" song I start kicking and my heart rate goes up!