Friday, December 18, 2009


Misbehaving - an endearing term my doctor uses when she sees me these days. I went home last Friday on a strong, wipe your system out, antibiotic. Now I sit, back in the hospital, attempting to understand what on earth is happening to my body after spiking a 102 fever yesterday.

While there is no conclusive diagnoses yet, the hypothesis they are hoping to prove out would mean the antibiotics worked so well they wiped out too much of my good bacteria and I have a new infection in my intestines. They are running tests to confirm tonight and with treatment I could only be in here a few more days. If that is not the case there is likely still something looming from the original infection and treating it could be a little trickier and take a little longer.

Readmission to the hospital was much easier, I mean we are pros after all :) We initially went to ER and after being told it was a 4-6 hour wait we opted to go home and work with the doctors from there. My wonderful OB got me directly admitted to post partum which was a blessing since I spiked a fever again in the middle of the night, resulting in the start of another round of antibiotics.

This situation has become really frustrating and even a little scary as far as my health is concerned but the doctors are outstanding and absolutely committed to figuring things out. I guess I can stop claiming I never get sick :) I am also likely to remain in isolation during my stay here so no visitors and no trips to see Braden, which is the hardest part since all I think about is holding him.

More importantly though is how Braden continues to progress and continues to have his doctors and nurses in awe of how far he has come in the last 2 weeks. He is putting on weight as began feedings a few days ago and is taking to them well. It is amazing to see his features change each day. He also completed his medication to close the valve between his heart and lungs. While the valve improved significantly it is not completely closed and doctors hope it will improve over the next few weeks without medication.

Hopefully this will be a short stay and I can get home for the holidays. Thank you to everyone for your help and prayers. This journey continues to have some bumps but we are determined to get healthy and work towards bringing Braden home in a few months.


  1. Julia, so sorry you are back in the hospital. We were so looking forward to visiting with you. You take care of yourself. Braden is a strong little guy and he is so adorable! I wish and pray you both get healthy again soon. Dany's stache progress is really funny....we hope to send pix soon to give you a good laugh....

  2. Love you. Sorry you aren't feeling well again. Keep your head up. Braden looks so peaceful there. Looking forward to seeing you guys soon.

  3. I'm so sorry you're having to go through this, I can only imagine. You can come see me anytime, you don't have to actually check in. :-)

    Braden looks wonderful. I love that little man!

  4. Sweet, strong Huli - these are great lengths to get some alone time . . . Though I would hardly call frequent nursing care, alone time (or as Missy suggests just trying to get back to rooming near her! Much love to you. Dr. Nyman will figure out her medical mystery and get you well soon!

    This is the best picture of Braden yet. He even looks adorable in Aggie maroon!

  5. Julia, You wouldn't want to be like most other people, now would you? ;) I am so sorry that they are having trouble getting this all figured out but I am glad that you are remaining strong, in spirit at the very least! And I'm confident they'll get the meds figured out soon so that you can get out of the hospital once and for all!!!!! Braden is adorable and looking stronger with each picture we see! Here's hoping that you truly are Home for the Holidays! That sound will have an altogether new meaning for you, won't it? Hang in there! Tamra

  6. Oh guys, Braden looks precious. He has definitely grown and looks so sweet out...there is the devil lurking in that tiny body...after all he is Brian's son and I remember some fun times with him when he was younger. Love you, Aunt Bonnie

  7. So sorry you're back in the hospital, but glad to know you're already better and hopefully this time you'll be WELL before they release you!! In the meantime, I know you're glad to be so near Braden and now that your feaver has broken, maybe you'll be able to see him more often. He's adorable in the Maroon cap! You're all three such troopers. I'm so proud of you.
    Mom (Nana)

  8. I love this post & Braden's newest with his A&M, UT cap... so precious. I'm still praying for the little guy all the time. We're off to see more family for Christmas tomorrow, but I'm looking forward to seeing you soon.