Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Clean Shaven for the Holidays

Julia was discharged from the hospital (again) on Friday evening with an antibiotic prescription that the infectious disease specialist referred to as a "carpet bomb for every bacteria in your body". It had to be special ordered by the pharmacy, if that gives you any idea. With the infection hopefully behind us now, Julia is feeling better but is still recovering from the surgery and 6 weeks of bed rest.

Braden has also made incredible progress. While he will likely be in the NICU well into February, we're constantly reminded of how far he's come from those first 48 hours. The doctors began feeding Braden yesterday, and he is responding well. Most of his nutrition is still coming intravenously, but he took 8mL of milk today as well through a feeding tube. The plan is to increase the volume of his feedings while weening him off the IV nutrition support. This will continue for several weeks until he is ready to suckle.

It's amazing to watch Braden grow and develop before our eyes. He has dusty blond hair and dark eyes (both susceptible to change, of course) and his facial features mature on literally a daily basis. With Braden's features changing and evolving so rapidly, we decided it was time for Brian to follow suit. After 6 weeks of "Growth for Braden", the mustache has served its purpose and long worn out its welcome. The support from the campaign has been amazing, and we'd like to document it for Braden to share with him as he gets older (and for future blackmail material!). Please email Brian before and after pics. Here are his:


  1. I'm going to miss the stache! Well done Betts. - NG

  2. So proud of you guys and Braden and so happy to be sharing in this journey with you guys. Unlike everyone else, it's going to take me some time to get used to Brian wihout the 'stache!

  3. Whew! You no longer look like your friendly neighborhood pedophile. -Whit

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  5. I want to personally thank Brian for shaving. Owen was prepared to take the facial hair a lot further. After reading this, he has decided to shave. For that, I thank you!

    Love and prayers to you all.


  6. The day-by-day progress for both Huli and Braden has been remarkable. We are grateful to see both improving and thriving.

    I'm also thankful that we've gone back to the hottie Bettsy we know and love. I could not get used to Magnum P.I. Bettsy!

    Albeit a good cause, I too am grateful that my hubby can shave that scritch scratch now. I have the before pic, anxiously awaiting an after. : )

  7. that mustache was ridiculous. :)

  8. I am so glad to hear that everyone is gaining strength daily. And what an awesome moment it must have been for you to finally hold that beautiful baby! I cried just looking at the photos! Of course, I nearly cried looking at Magnum PI too, but for an entirely different reason! ;)

    Our prayers and well wishes continue to be sent your way, and in this season, your family story so poignantly reminds us of a merciful and powerful God! Keep sending the news, and let us know when you're up for visitors! Tamra