Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Hospital Chaos

So I decided someone could easily write books about stays in the hospital. My most recent chapter would be about my re admittance.

As most of you heard I was home 6 hours when I spiked a fever and Brian and I rushed to the ER at 2 AM. Again I picked a really convenient time to get sick :). Upon arrival we witnessed an "exchange" between Labor and Delivery and ER about who should take me. ER finally gave and as my fever climbed they got me situated. Apparently once you are discharged your slate is wiped clean and you start over... totally illogical since I had been there 6 weeks and gone only 6 hours.

Then I got transferred to a very logical (sarcasm) place... the Cardio Pulmonary Specialty Unit. Needless to say my nurse looked at me as if I had 3 heads and was completely clueless as to how to take care of a postpartum patient. The experience was less than pleasant for the next 12 hours and after being forgotten for 5 hours, no hot water, and told if I expect to be nurtured I am in the wrong place... Brian raised hell and we got moved to postpartum... where we should have been all along!

Settled in here and doing fine. Found out I have a bacteria in my blood, don't everyone rush to visit now :). It is actually not contagious at all, just very dangerous to me for obvious reasons. I am being treated and hopefully re-released in a few days. Braden is doing well but the list of obstacles is always looming. Today he will have a few procedures including a spinal tap and threading an IV to a main artery. Not simple, but necessary to determine so things to give him the best care.

We are taking pictures today via disposable camera when they do some of the standard bathing and changing. Stay tuned for pictures later.


  1. Oh the hospital stories. So sorry you are going through that and glad Brian raised hell. Hang in there momma!

  2. Wow, darlin. I can't believe all that the 3 of you have been through in the last week (even less!). Brian, great job with the hellraising and Jules I'm glad you are now where you need to be for the moment, so you can get well and back out of there. Praying for a smoother couple of days for you. great to speak to you last night. Love you! Polly

  3. I'm glad you're back on the same floor, just around the corner from Braden, and with nurses who know how to handle complicated c-section patients (complicated being the c-section, not the patient. :) Only a couple hours until you can see your beautiful baby again. Now, if we can just get that bacteria out of your blood! Hugs from the Brown's.

  4. I am glad you are finally back in the right place in the hospital. I'm sorry you have to be there, though. I'll keep praying for all 3 of you...

  5. You think all this talk of health care reform will do any good? Somehow I doubt it! But I am glad to see your spirits are staying as high as possible! You are all truly fighters! We continue to pray for you all often and send positive thoughts your way constantly! Tamra

  6. Glad to hear they got you moved, it will help you heal faster! fingers crossed that all went well today with Braden!