Wednesday, November 4, 2009

A for Intent, F for Execution

Today was another good day for Braden. Strong heartbeat, kicks, even more hiccups. Tomorrow is a big day with the doctors as we get a significant update on Branden's progress as well as mine as we fend off infection and labor while trying to grow Braden. Fingers crossed...

For the latest on the bed rest events, Daddy had a rough go of making me comfortable last night. My back has been the biggest issue and for some reason they cannot give you heating pads (probably a nurse Becky rule). However, they show you how to "make" them where you basically heat up a wet towel and wrap it in a water proof blanket. Well Brian got a crash course from the nurse and decided to try for himself.

He walked in very proud of his experiment and placed it behind me as I enjoyed the relief. That was until about 15 minutes later when I noticed I was not only warm, but soaked. Brian looked perplexed and did not actually believe me until I exposed the evidence which included the soaked heat pad, my soaked backside, and my now soaked bed. All of this would have been much funnier but it was 11:30 p.m., I had just popped an ambien, and oh yea, the only place I was allowed to be 24/7 was now soaked.

Needless to say I found humor in watching Brian use a blow dryer for the next 20 minutes and next thing you know I was back to my usual spot and we were sound asleep :)

We had a wonderful visit with the Brown's who brought one of my favs, Pappadeaux! I was finally convinced to give up the wonderful outpouring of offers for food to a care calendar so look for that info soon and feel free to still contact me or Brian direct for any other swing by visits.

Love to you all,
Julia and Braden


  1. So what's so odd about sleeping on a wet mattress? You did it quite regularly when you were much smaller.

    And this barrage of food. Pappadeaux! Tomorrow, perhaps Brennan's! And the pasta wagon due to show up next week! Wow! Paraphrasing the expression from Jaws, "You're gonna need a bigger mattress!"

    Finally, I object to to the fuzzy face contest albeit for a great and wonderful cause! I already have mine trimmed best I can and I do not want to turn it into a soup strainer.

    Not to worry, Jugs has said that he will gladly enter the competition although he may have to find JR's porn "stash" source as well.

    Miss you much. Love you more!

  2. Aurgggh...a wet bed...not the best late at night, but the funniest yet! Your spirts are great and hiccups from Braden is soooo good. Wish I were in TX to give you some good food. Pappadeaux--YES! Your mom taught me it is the best... So how is it having a window now? A bit of light? A few buildings to watch as the light and shade of day go past...and how about Nurse Becky....she keeping you well organized?

    Be well, sleep easy, and blessings---Katherine

  3. We had such a good time hanging out with ya'll. It was like any other night of having dinner with our favorite Bettsy's except that you were lying down with those fun compression things on your legs and NO wine glass in hand . . . just a few months away!

    Poor Bettsy, I can just see him working the hair dryer to remedy the situation. Can't we just smuggle in a heating pad for you?! I'm okay with being on NB's hit list for you. : )

  4. That is too funny!! Y'all are such troopers. Jules, I love reading this and keeping up with you. Love that you still have your sense of humor even though you're confined to a bed. I'm so glad that hear that Braden is growing... and that you're allowed to take Ambien! Been thinking of you a ton. I hope you have lots of visitors to keep your spirits up. I love you girl!

  5. they can't give you a heating pad because of fire hazards and fear that it could burn you and you'd sue the hospital. Just get your hubby to buy you one and bring it up there. problem solved..... and no more wet beds. :)

  6. Betsy is earning his stripes, I'm sure! I so wish I could meet Becky and be there when you finally take her on and throw down with her. You'll shock her, that's for sure . . . no one sees it coming from that teeny bod of yours! I'm a bit sick that I'm not closer to be a part of having lunch with you and plumping you up with burgers and shakes, but I'm very thankful for this blog so I can still hear some enthusiasm, excitement and lots of hope!

    It sounds like you have a great team of physicians and experts, which is invaluable! I will continue to pray and send lots of positive energy to you, yours, and the same goes for those docs and nurses.

    I hope someone brings Betsy a beer, maybe in a Pepsi cup as not to spark jealousy and rage . . . I think he needs one!
    Much love. A few tears (not a good liar.) Wish I was there to take care of my baby mama.