Friday, November 13, 2009

Lucky 7

25 weeks today!! Had a great visit with the doctor last night and my amniotic fluid levels are currently at 7cm which is a great step up from where we started closer to 2cm. What this means is that I still have a rupture and am losing fluid, but the baby continues to produce fluid during development and these numbers indicate he is making it on pace, if not a little faster (show off), than I was losing over the last week. This can change week to week for a variety of reasons and I am still at risk for infection, but this week we are thrilled to have lucky 7 to sit on.

Normal pregnancies do not get to see their baby on ultrasound like this so often and it is a welcome sight as we get a weekly "Braden Viewing" to see how he is progressing. In addition to fluid checks, we also got to see his eyes moving around as well as his ribs expand as he practices breathing. Needless to say it is breathtaking.

I have told some of you how much we can feel your thoughts and prayers. It has filled me with a strength and calmness in order to let go of the fear and uncertainty I cannot control and instead focus on having faith and remaining positive which has a direct impact on Braden.


  1. God is good and blessing our family every day. I'm so happy for the good report. See you this weekend!

  2. This is great news! Keep up the positive thoughts, and I'll keep up the prayers.


  3. Your good news makes my heart sing!! Julia, you are a remarkable woman with an incredible strong faith that will sustain you and your family, Brian and Braden throughout this journey. Brian, you are a pillar of strength for this lovely family.

  4. It is awesome to read that Master Braden is producing fluid that is life-supporting! Yeah! Julia, you are a woman to be admired! Awesome blessings as you continue this journey! Hey are not so bad yourself...great that you have brought more clothing for the "girl that wants to change." Yep, outfits are important and different ones make the joyful happening! Continue to take grow in faith, delight in the mysteries of Braden, and be blessed by all the prayers going around. Love and Peace, Katherine

  5. Julie,Brian, and Braden-

    You are all doing so very well! Do you have any games to keep you occupied? I loved the story about the clothes.

    That was such a "man" thing! So logical and all and technology really is awesome isn't it?

    I told your mom yesterday that your son is definitely making a statement about who is going to be the center of attention. Although I must say most kiddos do not do this UNTIL they are born! What a very special young man he is going to be!

    Love ya all, Teri

  6. Julia-Sorry I mistyped your name. You know how it is when you have "brain fade"!

  7. I just saw the video! It's so awesome. Thanks for sharing and letting all of us be a part of the joy of hearing Braden's heartbeat. I'm so proud of all three of you. Continue to grow in faith every day.