Saturday, November 7, 2009

Plus 1 and a Bed

Braden continues to do great and as the nurses and doctors like to say, we are really boring, which is a good thing. Today is 24 weeks plus 1 which gets us a little closer to our first mid-milestone of 25 weeks. After talking to the doctors the odds get better for his development and survival at 25 weeks but as we keep saying, 28 is the big target :)

As you might have read I moved rooms a few days ago and with it came a new bed. It was amazing how after being in a certain bed for just a week I got so used to the feel, buttons, maneuvering in and out of it, etc. So when they moved me to a new, seemingly upgraded bed... it became more frustrating for me than I imagined. Buttons were in different places, bed adjustments worked differently, my prime real estate of a desk on wheels did not easily push and pull from the bed. My visible frustration threw Brian off but after 2 days of trying to adjust when I calmly explained to Brian (maybe not real calmly) "THIS IS ALL I HAVE!" , our sweet night nurse Joanne swooped in and swapped me out.

Thanks also to the wonderful visitors throughout the day Friday. I will not disclose some of the topics of conversation to protect the innocent, but you know who you are and I have not laughed that hard since I got here... thanks :)

Full day of football watching ahead of us!


  1. Hope you enjoyed your day of football and won the pool... I was hollering at the radio all the way home - really disappointed my Aggies gave that game away! LSU, too!! What a bummer. Glad you put the email notice on the blog. That is really a nice thing to do. Keep calm, relax, and enjoy your new bed. I'm still exhausted from my quick trip to Austin - I'm going to have to work on my driving stamina. Spent about 30 minutes just stretching out my back and siatica muscle in my right leg - Ouch! Already looking forward to seeing you next weekend. Did you get Paddington back? Tell Karol and the Cooks hi for me. Hugs and Kisses to you and Braden - oh and of course, Brian!
    Nana Betts

  2. haha, i had a great time at the hospital and the conversations. Looking forward to seeing you guys again around Turkey Day!

    See the latest BCS Standings! ill be honest, I might be rooting for the Aggies this year :)

  3. Glad to hear the daily updates and that you are hanging in there so well with such a great sense of humor. I'd love to come visit. I'll send a message to arrange a time.

  4. Hi Julia:
    Hope today is even a better day, good bed, football games are over until next weekend, and Braden keeps showing he is holding his own. Keep sending you love and knowing you are most certainly as determined as Braden....that's good..just relax and find the jokes in the glad you were with a group keeping you laughing! Nice to read your blog and know how everything is going! ---Katherine