Monday, November 23, 2009

Visits from Kiddos

Lots of special visitors over the past few weeks including some special little cuties. Braden enjoyed meeting his future prospective girlfriends :) Enjoy our video clips below.

Tickle Monster - Starring Lanie Shapiro

Sisters Sharing - Starring Sierra and Lyla Gretlien

Does this backpack fit me? - Starring Addison Hopkins

First Crush - Starring Trinity Webster


  1. Hi Julia - Mark and I have been following your blog since you arrived in the hospital. You are in our thoughts daily. We have been entertained by your daily updates and admire your patience and positive attitude. We're rooting for week 28!

    Mark and Darla Wheaton

  2. Videos of babies and puppies?!?! Your going to have a top 100 blog in no time. ;) Hearts.

  3. I can see that Scoob will be trading me in for a younger, cuter model in no time! She loved him, even with that crazy Fu Manchu!