Thursday, November 5, 2009

Steady As He Goes

Had a great visit from the specialist tonight. My amniotic fluid levels are still very low, but stable from a week ago which is a great thing as Braden continues his lung development this next week.

Still very early along and critical we keep him cozy and content for many more weeks. Biggest risk continues to be an infection which unfortunately comes on for no particular reason with no warning and would give us no option but to go into delivery.

But based on what Braden showed us tonight if he has anything to say about it he is staying put. We got to watch him squirm around and even got a zoom in of his face as he sucked and swallowed. Doctor said he even stuck his tongue out at us, which figures... as I have expected all along he is likely in there wondering what the fuss is all about out here. :)


  1. AWESOME! SO glad to hear the visit went well! :)

  2. So wonderful :) Hang in there little guy!

  3. Julia - Hi...Morgan's mom here. She has sent me your blog and I read it daily, feeling so helpless yet so encouraged by your wit and your words. Thank you for your updates, I feel as we will all know Braden (love the name!) long before he enters this glorious world, he has so much to look forward to, as do you. I think about the three of you daily, and hope your days continue to pass uneventfully (realizing that you ARE so restricted...and I can SO sympathize with the heating pad/backache issue!). I will look forward to many more daily updates...I wish all of you all the time that is needed to get this little guy developed and healthy!! Judy McCarty

  4. Great news! Fun to see a zoom in on his face, I bet! Still thinking of you and praying for you. Hope you have a wonderful weekend! :)

  5. Loved the post... especially hearing about the ability to see his face. Technology is amazing. I have faith that with the loving care you're getting at St. David's and the prayers of our faithful Prayer Warriors, Braden will continue to grow as long as possible followed by the best neonatal care possible. I love you all for your strentgh and hope. See you Friday afternoon. Can't wait to give you all REAL HUGS XXXXX
    Nana Betts

  6. Julia and Brian -
    I found your blog via Morgan's blog today. I am so happy to be able to read about your journey. I have been thinking about you and praying for you daily since Mike and I heard the news last week. What an incredible journey so far. I'm sure the emotions have been overwhelming at times, but it sounds like Braden is a little survivor and fighter (I'm sure you welcome every uncomfortable punch and kick).
    Smart to have a visitor calendar...if there happens to be an open spot anywhere I would love to stop by to say hello.
    I can't wait for all your future posts on Braden's amazing progress!

  7. Yay! This is great news, Julia! I love reading your blog and getting the latest on Baby Braden, especially since I cannot see you. Sending more prayers and love your way!
    Gregory (aka hairy g)

    PS. Matt asked my why I haven't shaved my legs, and I told him about the Growth for Braden campaign. He laughed and told me, I'd rather see hairy legs on you than a mustache. :-)

  8. Braden is likely keeping a low profile knowing that he can watch the Frogs, Buckeyes, Horns and grandpa's Beavers on TV this weekend. Likely has a monitor wired in at just the right place to watch, eat and pee to his heart's content.

    Friday night is a challenge of the LeBron Bobble Head graciously gifted last Xmas. He is allowed to come out of the box for the game but, it the Cavs lose, he must return to the box until the next TV appearance of the live King James. So far Bobblehead is 0-2 but likely will break the ice tonight at MSG. We hope so.

    Braden is more the soccer type and will likely be in touch with D. Beckham for tips before too long.

    Love you all. Keep up the good work.