Monday, November 9, 2009

Is That What I Ordered?

Well if I have not already expressed my deepest thanks for the lunches and dinners, let me do that again and give you a taste of our lovely cafeteria cuisine. Below are examples of what was ordered versus what actually showed up based off patient experiences.

Ordered: Whole wheat dinner roll
Actual: Piece of standard wheat bread (I mean call a spade a spade, just list it on the menu as bread!)

Ordered: Chicken Salad Sandwich
Actual: Bread with some sort of turkey substitute soaked in some sort of juice (Man I miss my Maria/Sodexho)

Ordered: Penne pasta
Actual: Noodles (ok yea technically penne pasta, but really?)

Ordered: Caesar Salad
Actual: Lettuce with Ranch dressing

Ordered: Corn
Actual: Corn (had to throw this in... for those who know me, they know I love corn, despite the fact it lacks much nutritional value)

This is only based off a handful or orders and while I am poking some fun I must say the breakfast is great. However, still a little creepy that they end every call with, "We hope you are always satisfied." I admire the ambition, but seriously, it is still hospital food :)

Braden and I are doing great. Options and odds get better with each day.


  1. So glad to read your post. I know "no news is good news" but I love reading your posts. Thanks for sharing. Sorry your food experiences have been less than stellar! Hope you're enjoying an occasional MF peanut butter bar! Looking forward to seeing you on Friday. I think Chuck's coming with me this weekend. We'll stay in the 5th wheel but try to get up and see you for a few minutes each evening. Love to you, Braden, and Brian

  2. Love this post...I may have to copy it. Boy, can I relate, my friend. Enjoy your Chuy's and we'll enjoy our Thai Cuisine tonight. Without beer...

  3. I have finally had the chance to catch up on how the three of you are doing. As your grandmother Saddlemire would say, 'keep your chins up.' It certainly has been quite a ride for you.

    I missed the chance to see you guys at Annie and Bob's celebratory weekend. As you have probably heard, it was actually fortunate I did not make the trip. We have had a rather intense last couple of weeks ourselves, but nothing in comparison to you folks. I am now signed up as a regular reader so keep the news coming.

    Bailey went as a witch/ghost for Halloween and Elijah chose a classic cowboy look. However, his first choice for costume hd us a bit puzzled. Elijah woke us up a few days prior to Halloween and announced at the end of our bed that he knew what he wanted to be for the big trick or treating adventure. He said 'I want to be a pot pie.' We were a bit confused by the choice and asked if we had heard it right. He said 'Yes, I want to be a pot know, just like pot pie the sailor man!' He and ihis sister have taken to watching Boomerang Channel on TV which features all of the old cartoons. He has become a big fan of pot pie.

    Hang in there...

  4. i can say i got to experience the "penne pasta" from the cafeteria. not so much. :) good to hear you guys are doing well, still praying.