Saturday, November 21, 2009

Just What The Doctor Ordered

Today has been a great day full of firsts as well as some uplifting visits and laughter that were just what the doctor ordered.

- First wheelchair ride outside, got to see my dog Daisy! I realized there is really not much else to see around the hospital... Daisy was somewhat freaked out by the chair but made friends quickly with some people more on her level.

- First visit to the NICU to see all the other preemies and meet nursing staff. They won't let you see any babies but it was nice to get acquainted with our next stop. Hopefully our stay there is a shorter timeframe than this one.

- First time I tried to download video from my new camcorder... and failed miserably...

The next set of firsts are gifts from Lil G and Laura with special guest appearance from my "W" girl Jen:
- First Chia Pet, video to come later of Laura applying seeds because well, she is good at everything :)
First Snuggie, I mean how could I turn it down, it is Longhorn pattern and so soft, even if it is made for a 600 pound 7 foot tall person.
- First set of rainbow socks to keep me warm. And of course lots of candy and some sporting magazines (they know me too well).
-First time Lil G felt a baby kick courtesy of Braden!

Speaking of the little guy, he and mom are doing better. He is back to his active self and showing off on the monitor. Countdown to 28 weeks sits at 13 days and then we celebrate and move on to the big goal of 34!

Finally, for those anxiously awaiting... she's baaaaaaaaaaack. Nurse Becky is in the building. :)


  1. I've been wanting to ask all evening if you had N.B. just like me tonight. Hmmmm....keeping the conversation short and sweet!

    Yeah firsts!! Love it! I'm jealous that you saw your puppy.

  2. Glad you were sprung from your room Jules...especially to see Miss Daisy! Great Longhorn Victory too!!
    Love ya, Momma

  3. LOVE it! We had such a great time with you yesterday. It was hard to leave. But, you'll be happy to know that we have hooked Laura and Li'l G on Texas football (well at least the tailgating part.) We scored 3 free tickets as soon as we got to the tailgate, but got cozy under the heater and with cocktails at our fingertips. We made a brief appearance at the game. . . the only thing missing was you. Next year, we all will be out there together! Hugs. <3

  4. Great to see you today ... the girls were so excited to see "Daisy Dog's mommy" and of course your cookie treats :-)

  5. Love the videos!! Jenn, Laura and I had so much fun with you on Saturday - it was great to spend the day with you. And I am so excited I got to meet Braden! We love you girl!!

  6. The videos are so cute!!!! Glad you got to hang out with Daisy. I'm in H-town for the week, but when I get back I can't wait to come visit again.

  7. I love how this blog gives status updates about two Bs: Braden and Becky. ha ha Those are the people we want to know about for sure!