Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Police (Sort of) Incident

So last night was my first run in with the hospital law.

It started with the delivery of a minifridge from Home Depot, courtesy of Rosanna (thank you!). Around 2:30 p.m., I got a call from Labor and Delivery (L&D) that a fridge arrived there in my name and they had no idea where I was since I was actually in Ante Partum. After they worked to track me down for 3 hours (not sure why it was so hard), she called me to tell me the fridge was on the way to maintenance and should be up shortly once they gave it the ok.

Around 5:30 p.m. Brian arrived and I mentioned the fridge was supposedly here but had not made it to the room. So he took action, spent the next hour with L&D who apparently had no idea who I was or what fridge I was talking about. Then we were told maintenance did have the fridge and it would be in my room in 20 minutes...

Brian went home because Tiff was staying with me and 3 hours later, no fridge, more calls, and then enters Wanda. She had a black puffy coat, walkie on her shoulder, badges galore, and a notebook. Needless to say this is a set up to let you know, she looked very legit. As she proceeded to ask me all sorts of questions about people and time frames I began to get slightly nervous that all this ruckus was over a mini fridge. She even checked my nurse's ID, when of the three people in the room, she looked the most legit!

I then thought it only made sense to call Brian and have him talk to the Wanda. I video conferenced him in and after a short exchange of words with Wanda I turned him around to talk to me and the first this out of his mouth was, "Jules, you told me the police were there, that woman is only a security guard." I was mortified as Wanda's ego was obviously bruised and I quickly proceeded to find the small x in the video conference window to silence my oh so subtle husband. :)

A few moments later Wanda proudly returned to tell me the fridge was found and I was allowed to use it if I accepted responsibility of all potential damages to the hospital including potential fires, power outages, and of course, freon spills. Need I remind all of you, this is a mini fridge, not an industrial freezer.

Needless to say we are taking on the risk and the fridge is staying!


  1. Cool! A beer fridge for the hospital room? - Dave Calder

  2. Happy Birthday, Brian! Try not to insult any security guards today. ha ha :)))


  3. I just learned about Braden's eventful journey. I am thinking of you and wishing you all the best. I thought about asking Brian about that crazy stache in LDS the other day but then I decided I might have hurt his feelings... I should have asked then I would have learned the news earlier.

    Your police post cracked me up. After Seth was born, we too got a visit from two security guards and a real policeman. It was our last night in the hospital -- Seth was hungry but my milk had not come in yet, so he was just fussy and crying. Scott decided to distract him by taking him for a walk while I tried to sleep. During their walk, Scott brushed by a secured door and activated the baby-snatching alarm (even though he asked a nurse beforehand if he could walk through that hallway). They had just changed the security system so even the nurses didn't know what was protected versus not.

    The alarms start ringing. A nurse runs into my room and calmly asks where my baby is. I reply "with Daddy". She says he must have accidentally tripped the alarm. A few seconds later, Scott and our nurse are walking down the hall toward our room. I think it is all over so I try to go back to sleep.

    A few seconds later, I hear loud male voices outside of my room and Seth wailing. I open the door and see two security guards, a policeman, our nurse, Scott, and Seth. My first thought was "I should go get the camera" (but then I was too wimpy to actually do it). My second thought was "I'm gonna have to call my friend Josh to bail Scott out of jail".

    Eventually everything worked itself out but he policeman came to visit us a few minutes later and called Scott out on "drinking a bit too much". Sure, we had 2 empty wine bottles in the room and 1 full bottle left -- it looked bad. But, it was consumed over the prior 3 days and something Scott did with all our kids.

    We thought that we were going to be on the "bad list" the next day but it turns out the hospital staff was kissing our butts. We were really glad that it was our last day in the hospital.

    (I decided to write the long version of the story cuz you could probably use a little distraction). We'll be thinking about you tons!


  4. You needed a little adventure. So bummed I've missed Nurse Becky twice AND hospital cop Wanda! I may have to just move in, can't let Bettsy and Tiffy have all the fun. : )

    Yay for Rosanna's generous gift of the mini-fridge -- function and entertainment, all in one.

  5. I'm very impressed with your wonderfully written and accurate recap of the eventful evening! Glad I was there to share in the excitement. Hope you and Brian have a great birthday evening and a wonderful Thanksgiving! Hook 'Em! :)

  6. Holy crap. That is awesome. Good thing I got you that rubberband gun. You never know when there is going to be a shootout in your room.