Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Why Is Everyone Staring At Me?

Most of you are aware Brian is growing a mustache for as long as Braden is in the womb. Well I don't think he quite thought about the fact that most people he encounters are not aware of his purpose.

He has had people avoid eye contact during conversation or avoid him all together. It might be throwing people off that he has a head of silver hair and his mustache is growing in solid black. However he is having fun with it, even went to a rap concert last night. For those of you who have joined in be sure to post your updated stache progress here.

Braden also wonders why we are staring at him. He went into an alien like rolling motion today during the monitoring. He manages to focus in on exactly where they monitor is on my belly and then begins to kick at it or roll away from it. It is quite entertaining. Needless to say all the activity is good. We have another big check up tomorrow night with the specialist and are hoping for continued good news.

My night nurse as of late is wonderful and only here a few more weeks before she returns to her husband in Ghana. As you can expect you get quite attached to the nurses here as they spend so much time with you through this process. For those who have inquired about nurse Becky... I have only seen her in the hallways. Trust me, you will know if I get her again :)

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  1. glad to hear the baby is moving around a ton, cant wait to meet him! I hope yall have plans to watch Gameday on Saturday. Ill be in the WAY back, wish yall could make it.

    Congrats on the 'stache Brian, you need to upload a photo of yours. I have a conference to go to with about 2000 other counselors and I will be rocking the dirty blonde mustache. ladies.