Monday, November 2, 2009

Hiccups, Showers, and New Friends

Today was a good day. Braden was a soccer player/boxer during his monitoring sessions today. He even got a case of the hiccups, twice, during the heart rate checks. We put him on camera tonight and his heart rate picked up to almost 170 immediately as his daddy hit record. What a ham and he is still in the womb :)

Big event is permission and priveledge to shower. I can even look past how the set up of bars, chairs and emergency fall cords make me feel like I am 80 years old. Added to the fact the shower head is missing a screw or so and does not stay on you unless held manually. Think I am going to file a complaint? Ha, yea right, I am happy with any event outside of bed rest.

We also met a couple down the hall today who came in at 23 weeks and are just at 27 weeks now. It was nice to exchange stories about our experiences, share tips on comfy positions, and even exchange laughs about nurse Becky. :) Does not hurt they are also huge Longhorn fans so I have company to watch the game, she has wheelchair priveledges!


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  2. This kid isn't even born yet and has 54 followers.

    Rock Star!

  3. Keep all your posts Jules and compile a book for Braden. Keep having good days...all of you!

  4. Hello Julia, Brian, and Braden,
    I was so glad to see a post today. This post is like a lifeline for me. I love reading your posts and the comments of all your friends. Bill's post (oops, I mean "Jugs' Parents" post was a hoot. What an exciting story! I'm rejoicing with you for each passing day, and hoping and praying for many more. Of course, you three are in my constant thoughts and prayers. What a joy you all are to me. Love you!
    Nana Betts

  5. I just talked to my mom and she and her friends have added all three of you their prayer list. I cannot even imagine how big this collective prayer group is with everyon who knows and loves you guys!

    I thought the last thing she said was really fitting . . . "Fortunately, miracle babies are born every day. Braden wants to be one of them!"

    Love you.

  6. Count three Sooners rooting for the little Longhorn,, Aggie? and his brave Mom and Dad.

    Love and prayers from Coweta,
    Emily, Kelly and Bill

  7. Hello Huli! I am thinking of you, Brian and Braden every day! I love your blog and thanks for keeping us all up to date. I look forward to each post. Each day that goes by is one day better.

    Sending lots of prayers and love your way, from AZ. I hope to be in Austin again soon and will visit! Love you! Gregory

  8. Sending some prayers and good thoughts your way. I can totally relate to your stir-crazyness since I was on bed rest for more than 2 months when I was pregnant with the twins. I use to ask people to explain to be what the sky looked like that day :) Makes you really appreciate the little things in showering :)

    warm thoughts, Rachel

  9. So glad you have a buddy - she will be a great encourager for you I am sure. Thinking of you and praying for you still! Jen

  10. Sounds like a great day =) Looking forward to many more. And for some comic relief Julia, look at who will be hosting next week's MEAs: (sssh!)