Wednesday, November 11, 2009

The 'Stache - Week 1

Julia beat me to the punch...

I find myself explaining or apologizing to random strangers for the ridiculousness that is growing on my face. It's a total "tweener stache" - not full enough to be taken seriously, but clearly more than just a day's stubble. It's the kind of thing that causes moms to walk their kids to the other side of the street. I'm not a creep - I promise. But rarely do I get the opportunity to explain before folks divert their gaze or avoid eye contact all together.

The "Growth for Braden" campaign has picked up some serious support, though. I've got confirmation on at least 7 other sporters of the stache, and even have a handful of female participants. Ladies, just realize that there is nothing cool about "mom muttonchops", no such thing as a "girly goatee", and a "feminine fu manchu" is an oxymoron. Husbands, don't blame me.


  1. dude. that is dirty. so much better than what I am working with right now. you need to get Scott to join in on the fun!

    Burt Reynolds ladies and gentlemen

  2. Okay, so I wouldn't look away, but I might stare. Yep, Grey and Black are beautiful, but usually when they are blended together...not separately placed on head and face! It looks a bit gnarly! Oh, won't Braden love the stories of this growth! Julia, you are sounding upbeat and most certainly active with Braden! Continued good blessings as you make this awesome journey! --- Katherine

  3. Maybe it's just me, but Brian I quite like the stache. You look ummm...mature, a little rugged might I add. I am not going to post my hairy legs because that will definitely scare everyone away. Huli - you'll get to see them in person next weekend!!

    Luv you! hairy g

  4. dude,

    I had to shave. My 'stache was super sketchy and then I tried to "color" it and it looked even worse. sorry buddy, Im supporting you in spirit and will continue to promote mustache growth for Braden.