Saturday, November 14, 2009

What's Wrong With This Picture?

I have to have some fun at my husband's expense for a moment. Below is a picture of our clothing inventory up here at the hospital. Exhibit A on the left is my inventory, exhibit B on the right is Brian's inventory.

The first time my sweet husband brought me clean clothes, it was the same 4 shirts I had worn the previous 4 days, which seemed very practical to him because they were clean and ready to go already. However, changing clothes is one of the few things I get to alter about my surroundings and becomes quite an event when you are in the same room and bed 24/7. So when the next round of clothes was due to come tonight I insisted he video conference me into my closet at home to pick things out.

After a tortured 5 minutes of entertaining me, and thanks to modern computer technology, I have 11 new shirts and 3 pairs of pants on the way! My husband is the best!


  1. Love the updates, Betts. Congrats on 25 weeks. Brian - really diggin' the stache and the multicolor hair look you're bringin'. You should probably avoid customer visits! :-)

    So glad to hear things are progressing so positively. You got a fighter in there - that apple didn't fall far!

    Keep hanging in there - see you both soon.

  2. Why am I not at all surprised that Brian has more clothes there than you? His thought process on bring you the same four shirts sounds like something my husband would do. Hey, clean shirts are better than dirty ones, right?

    I totally agree a girl needs more variety. Glad the video conferencing helps not only with clothing decisions but with seeing Daisy.

    Happy 25th week to Braden! Sending continued prayers and positive energy. Love you all!

  3. OK, that was my previous message. I am sure anonymous had you guessing.


  4. Yeah for 25 weeks!! I absolutely love your sense of humor Jules...keep putting it out there!Bob has joined the "Braden stache teasm."
    Luv, Momma

  5. While I have to admit, the ratio of your clothes to Bettsy's does seem out of whack . . . it is nice to see his clothes in a neatly-folded pile! : )

  6. So glad to hear your rockin some new threads self selected by video coference! It was really really great spending time with you on Sat -- see you again very soon! -Love, Kylee

  7. Can't wait to see your new threads. :)