Tuesday, November 17, 2009

The Forgetful Nurse

Before you all get excited, no this post is not about Nurse Becky :) I have not had her since the last post, however my time may be limited as shifts will change up as nurses come and go later this month.

The past few nights I have had a sweet, but forgetful nurse. In terms of bedside manner she is just fine, however her ability to remember who I am and what meds I am taking is not so much consistent. She comes in each night with her documentation on each person, anxiously flipping through her charts and asking me detailed questions obviously intended for other patients at least a few times before stumbling across the correct info. Often she will ask if I am taking certain meds I could not even tell you the pronunciation of and I kindly remind her I just need my prenatal and iron pills. The other night she came in to give me an ambien and while she did not give me a Nurse B lecture, she walked in with the ambien, scanned my ID tags, then immediately forgot if she had given me the pill or not.

When I got this nurse for a second night I told her I would just call her when I needed things and remind her what those things were. She smiled with relief and said how wonderful that would be as it is hard to keep us all straight and she often forgets what she is doing. Now if this was my first night or so, this would be unsettling, but since this is my 21st day here I have my routine down, I am less worried.

Probably the funniest moment was during the Aggie vs. OU fball game. Guests drinking is not technically condoned, but in an effort to be somewhat normal on a Sat. night, and as the score became a little too much, our friendly neighbors came over with some beverages to numb Brian's pain. Brian was also suffering from a cough that night and asked the forgetful nurse what she thought it might be. she came back with a flashlight and tongue depressor and as she approached Brain to say "aaaaaa" we could all see the determination on his face to actually comply without breathing out his less than innocent breath on the nurse. He managed to go unbusted but there were some entertaining close calls as the guys tried to hide their beers from the nurse as she navigated throughout the room. We finally decided the shower was the best place to stash things... that is until I forgot about it and asked the cleaning lady to clean the shower the next day. Fortunately all she did was pull back the curtain, blush, and say she would come back tomorrow. What can I say, obviously I do not make the best accomplice.

Braden and I are doing well. He has started more alien roll-like movements and seems to be happy as can be. Another big check up on Thursday as we near another milestone of 28 weeks on December 4th! Who's counting though right? :)


  1. So glad the whole family has almost made it to week 28 - many congratulations. You guys are doing so well, keep up the good work and thoughts!

  2. What a funny evening--we really enjoy hanging out with you guys. So proud of you and Braden! Hope to see you soon!

  3. You all are just amazing...I laughed at this entry until I cried....I can just see Brian getting checked over by Nurse P...can't believe he was able to keep from laughing in her face....
    I have kept up with every entry in your journal and think and pray for you all daily....Sounds like you are doing everything right and are making lots of progress!!!! You both are wonderful examples of loving and caring parents for your precious Braden... Your courage is just amazing and I admire and love you both.